Well that totally sucked ass

In the last two weeks, we called on you to vote for either Sheri Valera (aka Miss K?ssen verboten) or Hans Zeiger to be the featured young Republican speaker at the GOP convention. We did our part by pulling Sheri’s lever on many, many occasions. But did any of you follow our lead? Sadly, No! Apparently, the winner is: Princella Smith. Tabarnak!

Princella, seen here on MTV, loves the President Bush:

Bio Highlights
[…] youngest member of African-Americans for Bush

African-Americans for Bush. An Army of None.*

He [Bush] in essence emphasized the point that the most important actors in constituency aid programs are those who make up the constituency – the people themselves.

If it wasn’t for the President pointing out that the actual people who volunteer are the most important elements of such programs, well, you wouldn’t know that we guess.

My favorite MTV show is Punk?d. It is HILARIOUS.

Uh, no.

Princella says she has fond memories of Bush visiting Van Buren, Arkansas. It’s easy to understand why given that he served up the following observation:

One parent — a parent can send the school — a child to a different public school. In other words, when — there has to be accountability in order for a — I mean, there has to be a consequence in order for an accountability system to work.

The President says “in other words” –> Danger! Danger!

President Bush, is there anything you’d like to add?

But at some point, there has to be an end to mediocrity.


* Yes, we stole that from Justin Darr, the hottest new conservative writer on the web!


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“Part of our strength is the military. I intend to keep the military strong. Our men and women are going to have what it needs to keep the peace. (Applause.) Part of a strong America is a prosperous America. That’s part of our strength. It’s not the strength. It’s part of the reason we’re strong and we’ll keep our prosperity strong. ”

–we’re strong, part our strength is being strong, we’re strong in our strength, strong, strong, a long, long song, goodbye thing, you sing too long.


Weren’t Republicans against affirmative action?


That dang liberal affirmative action robbed Hans Ziegler!


We did our part by pulling Sheri’s lever on many, many occasions. But did any of you follow our lead? Sadly, No!

Must’ve been too busy pulling their own levers to Sheri’s entry….


Nice to see that the test run for the Diebold machines worked well.


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