Exactly what Pete said, except that you should vote for us

Pete M. from The Dark Window draws our attention to the Washington Post’s Best Blogs – Politics and Elections contest. Arguable, Sadly, No!’s record at fixing elections isn’t great. We were unable to win a Koufax award. Even when working for good, (i.e. trying to send Sheri Valera to the GOP convention,) we failed miserably.

Yet we are a stubborn people, and so here we go again. Go to the Washington Post web site, and enter your favorite blog in the following categories:

  • Best Rant
  • Best Democratic Party Coverage
  • Best Republican Party Coverage
  • Best Campaign Dirt
  • Best Inside the Beltway
  • Best Outside the Beltway
  • Best International
  • Class Clown
  • Most Original
  • Most Likely To Last Beyond Election Day
  • Best coverage of Amber Pawlik
  • Best coverage of professional virgins
  • Best blog by a French Canadian living in Germany
  • Worst punctuation

    So go register now (it’s free and it’s required) and stuff that ballot box! Imagine how much shriller we’re guaranteed to become once we have nationwide media exposure!

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    Just remember…A vote for Seb is a vote for Bush.

    Dark Window in 2004!


    Best Blogger Strut on the Catwalk Wearing Pastels With Miami Vice Music Blaring?


    We hope you’ve got your victory speech ready to go for that one Brad.


    we should be stuffing the ballot box for the righties, try to put up something like little green loonies for best repub coverage, try to fix it so the real loons are representing for the other side of the aisle


    Um…Uh…Seb…there’s been a…misunderstanding.

    I only wore that salmon jacket with the sleeves rolled up once, at a high school dance. Does it have to be my burden into perpetuity?


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