Well, what else would you expect Jesus to do?

Thanks to Bartholomew’s notes on religion, we find out about some pretty exciting videos available:

Jesus Healed a Woman with Three Breasts ?is only the most striking video on offer from Gilbert Deya Ministries[.]

As Bartholomew notes, competition is pretty stiff so be sure to review the other selections.


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This is a whole different sort of strange and bizarre…


Sounds like the Monty Python skit of the man with three buttocks.

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Three breasts? Wasn’t she in the bar scene in Total Recall?

A looker, if I recall, save her extra mammariousness


Hey, if this is a citation-fest I should probably mention Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon Six.

Oh, look, we have a geek-quorum.


This is the video of the episode of “Nip and Tuck” with the guest star appearance by James Caviezel, isn’t it?


A woman with three breasts? I’ll bet Germany’s leading newspaper would like to get some pictures of her! btw, I hear Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VII’s wives, had three breasts.


The “Archbishop” also advertises a video talking about how witches killed his brother. Actually, I’m not really surprised since he lives in London and we all know how rough Diagon Alley is.


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