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Leonard is going to be talking about the CPAC carnivalia on the Mike Malloy radio show (with Sam Seder) tonight at around 11:15 EST.

(Live audio stream here)


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i can haz audio stream?


Dammit, I only caught the last 5 minutes or so.

What a gyp.


Technical difficulties made it technically difficult to hear the whole thing, technically. Is there technically going to be a technically nonlive stream at some technical point, techically?


Well, at least they put him on before they broke the shocking news that Brad Renfro died of an accidental OD.


Thanks for the useless link.


Hey, everybody gets old. Someday you ain’t gonna be a spring chicken either.


did I miss something?


It is about time someone covered ‘Guns of Brixton’ with updated lyrics.


If I hadn’t (information redacted to preserve the well-known and much-beloved Sadly, No! house style)

What’s that stuff all about?


The KPOJ website will have the MLP segment this hour (10pm-11pm PST.)

KPOJ Listen Live


Just finished listening to it. Great job, sir. You kept going for the jugular without apology (Delusion! Saint Reagan! Big Brother Cheney!), and did it with poise and articulation.


Mister Leonard Prolific


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