Oot and aboot until tomorrow

As we head out to an undisclosed location until tomorrow night, we invite you to check out these fine blog posts from around the world:

  • Satan, thy color is pink.
  • Michael B?rub?, the Guy Lafleur of academia, links to this article he wrote on Lani Guinier (where is she now?) back in 1998:

    The content of Thernstrom’s claim was ludicrous, bearing no relation to Guinier’s actual writing; but what was really astonishing about this hit job (as opposed to similar items by Clint Bolick and Paul Gigot in the Wall Street Journal) was Thernstrom’s pretense that she was citing Guinier in those scare quotes. Apparently, TNR was familiar with fabricated quotes and intellectual fraud long before anyone heard of Stephen Glass.

    Zing! [How’s that for commentary?]

  • No More Mister Nice Blog wonders what other elected official could be accused of inventing memories. [cue local news announcer voice] The answer may surprise you!
  • General Glut looks at the economic news coming out of Japan. Quick, we need a new embargo! [On news like that we mean — in case this pathetic excuse of a joke isn’t clear.]
  • Mithras introduces us to the bed for that special couple that has it all — one we’d like to call the Annie Jacobsen model. He also has some advice for John Kerry.

    If none of these are to your liking, feel free to explore the other fine blogs listed on the right.

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