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NO effin’ way. The AYDS diet?

You have got to be kidding me.


“Mr Yuck is mean. Mr Yuck is green!”

My 8 year-old inner child is cowering in the fetal position in the corner, covered in her own shit.


Okay, I remember the Mr. Yuck song from way back, and we’ve got a Atari 2600 in the basement, stored with about 50-100 catridges. But I never saw the AYDS ad!


The AYDS diet. That is so horrible.


I had an Apple II+. At work.

My job was writing programs to value futures and options on futures in Applesoft Basic™.

I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.


Patriots deserved to lose. Now all the States of New England are free from the crass, sickening, gooey slurp of corporate sports media whoring that threatens to destroy our region’s unique values. Patriots Stadium must be moved to Mashpee or Uxbridge or Nahant. Why not ? The curse must now be broken so that it can be started again. Trade everyone and bring Bledsoe back. In centerfield.


Yeah, the AYDS thing is sick unless you remember that the diet thins were first, then came the virus. Plate of shrimp.

I remember when Pac-Man came out and Union South (the union by the engineering side of the UW-Madison campus) had a couple machines. I tried to get some time on the game, quarters in hand, but there were asians locked on to the machine day and night. They were eagerly chatting with their friends in some non-english tongue. In the midst of a seemingly endless flow of syllables the guy goes “…rucka-rucka-rucka-rucka…” I busted a gut right there.

Well, at least I thought it was funny.


Funny Story: AYDS = Caramels. Period. The “most powerful appetite suppressant available without a prescription?” Sugar. That’s literally all it is. Remember when your mom used to tell you not to eat candy before dinner because it would ruin your appetite? There you go. My biology professor in college actually broke down the ingredients list for us one day. The truly hilarious part is, the FDA was constantly investigating the manufacturers back in the 70s, primarily for reasons related to the false advertising of what were basically Kraft Caramels with a touch of vitamin flavoring added to make them taste less obviously like exactly what they were, as a “diet aid.” As a result, these $18 a pop, 10-piece Whitman samplers would be temporarily pulled off the shelves, but as soon as they came back on the market they would immediately sell like crazy, because the assumption was that the FDA had “banned!!!” them, so they must contain like, pure crystal methamphetamine or something, and consequently would make you lose weight like crazy. So the phony advertising would start up all over again, basically just to challenge the FDA to investigate again, and periodically create a new demand.

Quite possibly one of the most brilliant scams in the history of American corporate weasel dealery.


Quite possibly one of the most brilliant scams in the history of American corporate weasel dealery.

Until the invasion of Iraq, of course.


Now I badly want a 2600. The commercial would have been better if they’d given a mention to all the quality pornographic titles, though.


Hey, I used those Ayds things. They didn’t work, but I used them. Now liquid protein, there was a diet.


I thought that AYDS candies were sugar free?


Wow, young crowd here. When AIDS (the virus, not the diet) first started making the news, my first thought was “That diet is screwed”.


I’m tickled to see the horrified youngsters here leap to the conclusion that AYDS diet candies came after the AIDS diet. Reminds me of my mother’s tales of school in the one-room schoolhouse.

Seriously, their back and forth with the FDA could have gone on forever; it was the virus that finally put the candy out of business.

Kinda like after the OKC bombing, Ryder painted all their vans white, when their motto before had been “the yellow truck.”

Which just goes to show that not all PR is good PR, and that Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage notwithstanding, companies can be convinced that certain associations are not desirable for their corporate health.


Oh shit, what a typo.

AIDS virus, not “diet”. Now I feel horrible.


My mom always had a box of AYDS candies on her TV tray table. She just knew munching on those little fuckers would help her lose weight. Funny thing was, she never went over 107 her whole damn life. But she WAS insane, so you gotta factor that in.

I was in town in ’81 or ’82, and me and my sister had become real good friends. We used to get on my scoot and roll up the Russian River toward the coast. Even at that point, the Russian River was a popular destination for Gay people, and we were totally ok with all that (although to be honest, we were checking out the way the other half lived). I remember stopping in the Rusty Nail in Rio Nido for a beer or three and there being these informational posters up on the wall warning of this mysterious “gay cancer”. Kinda put a damper on all the rock n roll…



God, that Mr. Yuk commercial takes me back to being five years old and running from the room in fear from that thing. There’s another one up on youtube that opens with an oil-slide projector image that’s also very trippy.

Ugh, it still gives me shivers. Stupid PSA scaring the crap out of me.


Oh well. At least the young ‘uns are aware of the disease. When I was that age I had to walk uphill both ways through the snow to a one room law school where some of my classmates were alarmingly fucking clueless.

So we threw ’em out and let the wolves eat ’em.

You kids get offa my lawn!


Wow. I thought I was the only one scarred for life by Mr. Yuck.

I was waking up screaming well into my teens thanks to that sonofabitch. What the hell gets into PSA writers, anyway?


Reminds me of my mother’s tales of school in the one-room schoolhouse.

Hehe, same here )

Quite possibly one of the most brilliant scams in the history of American corporate weasel dealery.

Now I don’t feel bad about them going under because of AIDS.


Wow. My mom was on the Ayds diet for a while too but us kids were always sneaking them.

My sisters and I were just fueled by stuff that we saw on TV, be it Sugar Pops or goofy toys like The Doozie. I was always kind of ticked off that we didn’t get to eat soft, perfect Wonder Bread and instead had to eat the more substantial but less uniform homemade bread baked by my grandma, who lived with us.


Oh. my. gawd. I grew up in Pittsburgh in the 70’s and the MR. YUCK commercial was ingrained into my head. Perhaps one of the most successful public service campaigns ever. I sure as shit never wanted to see Mr. Yuck on ANYTHING!!.

I never, ever forgot that awful song or that disturbing psychedelic beginning.


Now liquid protein, there was a diet.

I keep telling my girlfriend that, but she still spits.


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