If it’s not the pandas, it’s the Africans

Judson “Pandas of Mass Destruction” Cox compares going to the doctor in Virginia and North Carolina:

The doctor was a Caucasian man in his late 70’s. Doctors in North Carolina are mostly young men and women of Arab, Indian or African nationality.

Well, that’s just awful! Among some of Judson’s other “claims:”

Edwards and his cronies sued many of our best doctors out of business, and drove malpractice insurance so high that many doctors left the state. […]

Edwards and his trial lawyer backers have done irreparable harm to North Carolina’s health care system, and created a “health care crisis,” driving up prices beyond the abilities of many to pay them.

Uh, Sadly, No!:

In fact, the number of physicians per person in North Carolina has risen steadily, from 16 doctors per 10,000 population in 1990 to 20 per 10,000 population in 2001, a 25 percent increase in 11 years. […]

In fact, for many years, malpractice premiums in North Carolina have increased
more slowly than the rate of increase patients have faced in the cost of medical services. From mid-1989 through the end of 2002, the premiums of Medical Mutual of North Carolina?the largest writer of malpractice insurance in the state?increased at an annual rate of 3.9 percent. During the same period, the cost of medical services, including physicians? services, increased at an annual rate of 5.4 percent. […]

in North Carolina, only 608 medical malpractice lawsuits were filed in 2002 […]

malpractice plaintiffs in North Carolina win at trial less than 20 percent of the time […] (PDF link)

If you don’t trust trial lawyers, you can always check out these guys:

Doctors are not fleeing North Carolina. Instead, the state has seen a 41 percent increase in the number of physicians since 1992. Sarah Avery, “Doctors’ need for bill challenged,” News Observer (Raleigh), April 8, 2003. “Average malpractice payouts in North Carolina have increased 69 percent over the past 10 years. But spending on national health care services has risen 87 percent over the same period, according to Kaiser Family Foundation.” Sarah Avery, Matthew Eisley and Jean Fisher, “Malpractice fight brews,” News Observer (Raleigh, NC), March 30, 2003. (PDF link)

Well, it sure looks like Judson did his homework!


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I was going to say that we have a ton of doctors around here. Of course we have a lot of good medical schools, but I don’t know if most of the doctors in the state went to those or not. There are a lot moving here form other states, that I do know. And I believe the extreme large majority are American citizens. They might have dark skin and hard to pronounce last names, but their nationality is American.


Yes, but random, racist anecdotes prove far more than systematic evidence ever could.


About 1 out of 4 doctors in America are of East Asian or South Asian descent, so I doubt Judson would have much more luck escaping colored physicians in Virginia than in NC. I’m sure a couple more ailments will drive him to realize this fact, as well as the fact that many of these doctors are American born and speak better English than him.


RK, that’s speaks better English than he…don’t be goin’ all Bushism on us. Judson must be doing the usual Repig research, which involves sticking your head as far up your ass as you can, swallowing, then coming out to spew. Good takedown, Sadly, No!


Dude, he is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most popular and influential voices of his generation


Since Dick Cheney declared he was a resident of Wyoming before the 2000 election, infant mortality in the state has skyrocketed, probably because the Vice President likes to eat babies.


Well, I went to one of those group practices where most of the doctors are of a light brown nationality, and I saw one of them go into the bathroom with a nearly full McDonald’s bag. When he came out, it was empty! I have never been so scared!

Ivor the Engine Driver

My doctor here in Minnesota is one of them dark skinned furriners. During my appointment last week she told me she’s given notice and is moving her family to Europe because she thinks the U.S. is becoming a bad place to raise kids. She cited racism, religious intolerance, and reactionary politics as the main reasons. She summed up her feelings by saying, “This country has gone insane.”


So for like the first time ever, i actually click on one of Seb’s links, and I find this piece of shit asshole trying to move in on MY territory?! A young conservative writer from the mountains of NC? This side of the state ain’t big enough for the both of us.

So the doctor he went to was a 70 yr old white guy who has his own practice with no partners, he’s a GP, takes new patients without apptmts, and there’s almost no wait in the waiting room. Oh yeah, he’s in the mountains of western Va (not to be confused with West Va.)

Jud, buddy, I got a feeling that if all you had wrong was shittin and pukin then he probably had you eat some crackers, drink ginger ale and water, and then slowly start eating more stuff again, with a reminder to wash your hands next time you use the bathroom. But if it was something else, I’m afraid this old doc can’t save you. Hell, I’m picturing the old doctor that Michael J. Fox was supposed to be filling in for in “Doc Hollywood.” Give me someone who’s studied medicine a little bit in the past 30 years over this Mayberry hayseed old coot anyday.

And I’ve never heard the phrase “dumber than a sack of hammers.”


Whenever I hear “Judson Cox”, I think of this old tune:


“I am a Nazi,” she replied, “That’s why I’m supporting Nader.” I must have looked a bit puzzled, because she continued, “What do you think Nazism is? It’s national socialism. Only we don’t support any one nation. We want an end to all capitalist governments, and the environmental destruction they entail. Also, we’re all against the Jews. The Jews run everything; they are responsible for capitalist exploitation and environmental destruction. They are responsible for poverty, war, and global warming. What they are doing to Palestine they will do to all of us if we let them.” “So,” I asked in disbelief, “the Green Party is anti-Semitic?” “Most of us are,” she replied, “Some of us even call ourselves Nazi Greens, especially in Europe.”


I grew up in North Carolina and I recognize this guy’s mindset. Asshole/redneck/racist. He’s a lying sack of shit, and yes, I am happy to say for all the hammers (except Delay) out there, he is dumber than a sack full of them.


NTodd, Sadly, No!
The United Health Foundation 2003 rankings (based on 2000 to 2001 data) lists Wyoming as 15th (smaller numbers better) with 6.3 deaths per 1,000 live births, an improvement in ranking in that time period of 9. North Carolina for comparision was ranked 44th with 8.6 deaths per 1,000 live births.


NTodd said it.. It MUST be true… Dick Cheney eats babies. We now have proof. Its on the internet.



I can just imagine the karma police being called out to the Judson Cox residence in the near future, as what should have been a simple outpatient surgical treatment to remove his syphilitic chancre (sadly, stubbornly resistant to the $26 of pharmaceuticals he received from the Virginia doctor who initially misdiagnosed him) goes badly awry… it was just a simple, forgiveable mistake really, no plans to sue for malpractice, it was the patient in the next room over that was supposed to get the gender change surgery.

Damn all those doctors to hell who want to waste his time with their silly tests and 2nd opinions!


DEmery – I know. I actually checked the stats before I made my wild claim. That’s just how dedicated I am to being snarky.

Left Field – I’m starting an organization called Baby Eaters for the Truth. Wanna join?


Judson Cox

Sadly No! jumps all over Judson Cox for his lies about North Carolina’s healthcare. First Judson makes a racist comment about doctors being of darker skin, then he tries to say that trial lawyers (specifically naming John Edwards, of course) have drive…


I’m starting an organization called Baby Eaters for the Truth. Wanna join?

I do! I do!!

Boy, Judson is a dolt.


NTODD: Suckful has been tracking Dick Cheney’s baby-eating spree since ’03!


Ted Barlow: Wow, that is the funniest Green bashing piece I’ve ever heard. I’ll never complain about Dem’s Nader bashing again. Wait I take that back.


I see from the above that in North Carolina, only 608 medical malpractice lawsuits were filed in 2002 […]

malpractice plaintiffs in North Carolina win at trial less than 20 percent of the time […]

Any idea what percentage settled and what the average payout was?

Not troll, just trying to get a better overview for when I answer some asshole question about this in the future. Any guesses or pointing me to the fact would be helpful.

Thank you.


Regarding medical malpractice: Public Citizen makes the argument that the vast majority of malpractice claims are filed against about 5% of practicing doctors, that state medical agencies rarely take action against these doctors and that they even refuse to make public their malpractice track records. It is these repeat offenders, protected by state agencies, that drive up insurance rates, not trial attornies who represent those who were damaged by the incompetent doctors.


“…With a humor akin to P.J. O’Rourke and Dave Barry…” Anybody want to get Dave Barry in touch with John Edwards so he can sue the Judster for defamation of character? Meanwhile, cue Southern Culture on the Skids, “I’m a chickenshit farmer from Caroline…” BTW, I trained in Charlotte, North Carolina and I can tell you, it’s South Carolina that has the lousy health care system. The sickest patients, with the most misdiagnosed and undertreated diseases, came to our medical center from South Carolina. TB of the spine, tertiary syphillis, stuff that could’ve been easily treated if diagnosed in a timely matter. And because Medicaid didn’t pay across state lines, we treated them all without any compensation. Anyway, I’m glad Jud’s stomach flu went away for just $72 in doctor’s fees and medications. If he’d been helping his mother in Canada, it wouldn’t have cost him anything.


I dunno if it means anything, but where I work, we sell medical supplies to urologists, and at least one in three of our capital equipment buyers, are doctors with the names Kirpal, Kumar and Krishna.

Just saying…


Wow, S,N! and the Crapster both cited by Atrios in the span of two hours . . . .


Doc BDH- I believe SC is getting better. Of course I say that without stepping foot in that state when not necessary. But I still believe it doesn’t compare with NC medicine. Yes, everyone, that’s a personal opinion with no evidence. Fuck off.

SteveinCO – You’re right on the money with the redneck charge. He’s somebody that would rather have his neighbor who spent a whole year in medical school down at the community college treat him than some furriner who wants to give him chemical drugs.


People Are Talking

Though, as Slacktivist points out, it’s only journalism if you bother to go find out if they’re accurate. That last link was courtesy of Atrios, who also points to Sadly, No’s takedown of a jab at Edwards. Atrios also looks…


I’m starting an organization called Baby Eaters for the Truth. Wanna join?

I do! I do!!

fourlegs – figures! You’re in as a charter member. Now, start making shit up about Bush/Cheney–I’ll get cracking on the website.

NTODD: Suckful has been tracking Dick Cheney’s baby-eating spree since ’03!

Shit, scooped again.


Nazi Greens at UGA? This girl was clearly just feeding dear Judson a line of shit and trying to get the rube to leave her the fuck alone.

There are a thousand variations on this theme used here at the Manhattan every weekend- “Now that I know you’re a self-obsessed frat boy, I am going to make start saying whatever I think it’s going to take to make you go away.” Octopi use a very similar strategy- big cloud of obfuscating ink, then a mad dash for safer surroudings…

I mean, unless…. you don’t think the twisted little pud-puller made the whole thing up, do you? Could someone do something so… intellectually dishonest??!? I mean, maybe he didn’t talk to any girls the whole time he was at UGA. Wait, I think I know this guy… Pot belly? Mumbles? Baseball cap? No friends? Had a wicked case of the jump-up-and-turnarounds last week? THAT guy?


We’ve got “dumber than a sack of hammers” down here in Jawja, but I tend to prefer “dumber than a bucket of hair”. Either could apply to ol’ Judson.


As a UNC med student, I felt compelled to check out this douchebag’s “facts”. From my reply:

Since 1993, the number of primary care physicians has nearly doubled in North Carolina, from 4147 in 1993 to 7125 in 2002, the most recent year UNC’s Sheps Center has data. In this period the total number of NC physicians has increased from about 12000 to 16000. Every county with greater than 10 doctors has experienced an increase in physician number. NC is right at the national average of primary care physicians (NC 39%, US 40%)

(see http://www.shepscenter.unc.edu/data/nchpds/professi/physic02.htm



It is totally false to say that “Doctors in North Carolina are mostly young men and women of Arab, Indian or African nationality.” The Kaiser Family Foundation statistics, again for 2002, show that 59% of NC doctors are white, 28% are of unknown race, and no other group represents more than 5.2%. In fact, North Carolina’s physicians are among the whitest group in the nation; Virginia is in the middle third, with 51.4% white physicians; as a whole, US physicians are 49.4% white.

(see KFF site http://www.statehealthfacts.kff.org/cgi-bin/healthfacts.cgi?action=profile&area=North+Carolina&category=Minority+Health&subcategory=Minority+Nonfederal+Physicians



I mean, doesn’t this guy even use Google???

His one correct assertion:
“If everybody knew what I know about John Edwards, they would be dumber than a sack of hammers. . .”


Forget Dave Barry – Someone should tell Merle Haggard about this jerk. I think Merle would punch his face.


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