Were they even thinking at all?

SullyWatch links to a piece by Logan Circle Guy, which was written in March 1999. In it, LCG reminds us (per SullyWatch:)

[…] that then-Gov. Bush promised to sign a bill that would have allowed Texas to remove children from gay and lesbian foster parents.

This was before he became president. Just where, one has to wonder, did Sullivan get off even trying to sell us on the idea that Bush would ever see social issues through anything other than the prism of the religious right?

Which eventually led us to track down this piece of useless puffery written by David Horowitz in Salon two months later:

I like George Bush. He has a strong set of core convictions, including a significant religious faith, but he is also genuinely tolerant, open and warm-hearted toward people with whom he disagrees.

He has made, for example, the strongest statements of any Republican candidate about including homosexuals in the American family, and treating them with Christian charity and civic respect. “I was taught,” he said in response to Trent Lott’s infamous remarks, “that we should look after the beam in our own eye before searching for the mote in someone else’s.” [Emphasis added.]

We have one question: just who put that piece of shit into Salon?


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Wow, that Horowitz piece was clearly the product of a deranged psychotic. Bush is tolerant of people who disagree with him? And as proof, Dave dredges up a statement which most probably means that he wasn’t going to condemn Trent Lott for supporting segregation?!
Some people have no grasp of reality at all. So why do they get paid by Salon instead of being forced to roam the streets with the other unmedicated psychotics?


Well, obviously, Salon gave space to Horowitz for balance. There just simply aren’t enough outlets for right-wing lunatics out there. Hey, wait a minute …..


I accidentally stepped in to Horowitz’ new website via a link on cspan pimping his new book called something like the anti-Chomsky reader.

I haven’t felt so dirty in ages. They even had a horribly written and misanalysed diatribe against the incomperable IF Stone on the site. May Izzy rest in peace.


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