OMDG, Doug Giles is now George Costanza!

Doug Giles, August 7, 2004:

Yes, Middle America, I think we should follow these luminaries. Why? Well ? because ? uh ? because ? they are on TV!

Seinfeld, Episode 43, The Pitch:

JERRY: Well, uh, maybe something happens on the way to work.
GEORGE: No, no, no. Nothing happens.
JERRY: Well, something happens.
RUSSELL: Well, why am I watching it?
GEORGE: Because it’s on TV!


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I believe everyone should try to use at least one Seinfeld quote in conversation every day. However, nothing comes to mind right now.


Dougie’s from Miami via Texas Tech. Where does his knowledge of Middle America come from, if not teevee?



What’s with the humor-free content-free post?

Does this mean that you are now the black Larry King Pete M.?


Definitely not! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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