The Pete set us up!

While we were away, Pete M. from The Dark Window spent some time covering CNS News stories about Subway restaurants in Germany. (See here and there.) Looking at the CNS referrer logs however, we fear that we’re about to get into trouble:

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# 8 Visits: 7,910

Pete M. is over there people. Over there.


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Oooh, I bet Brent Bozell calls for a boycott or a jihad or something against Sadly, No!


As a newly-arrived American in Germany, might I make the observation that Brent Bozell is an idiot.

Also, the consulate in Frankfurt makes me sad. “Land of the Brave and Home of the Free” indeed.


Step aside, Yosef. Sit down, Justin Darr. Because *I* am the new hottest conservative writer on the net!

Frankly, it’s always been a dream of mine to refer more readers to CNSNews than Neal Boortz, Lucianne Goldberg, the National Review, and Rush Limbaugh. Well, now I can scratch that one off the list. Only 450 more referrals to go and we’ll even surpass the Freepers!


I just hope he never notices how much the wurst they sell in Germany resemble… well, you know. I can see it now. “The Center for Individual Freedom calls on every Schnell Imbiss in Germany to immediately cease selling these pornographic food items. Or at least make them the size of cocktail weiners so we don’t feel so bad about ourselves.”


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