Could it be… Hans?

In case you forgot (and knowing you, chances are you did,) the results of the very exciting GOP Essay Contest Stand Up and Holla! will be announced next Monday. The winner gets to run against Barack Obama in Illinois. No, wait, wrong contest. The winner:

travels to New York City in August and gets to watch the action from the floor of Madison Square Garden.

Wow. As an extra bonus, the winner will also:

give a speech at the Republican National Convention

If by “give a speech” you mean “yell as loudly as one can from the floor of MSG about community service.”

Will Dark Window prot?g? Hans Zeiger win? Will it be Sadly, No! darling Sheri Valera? Or will it be one of the even less articulate, say Prabal Saxena? Or the compulsive hand waving Adam Hunter?

Here’s what we know: if Sheri wins, we promise to send her an email offering to be her chaperon during her stay in New York City. Given Sheri’s dreams, we hope you’ll be saying a prayer for her:

“I want to be that girl,” Valera said thinking about the possibility of giving a speech in front of her idles.”

Fixed some punctuation. Thanks Jim.


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Didn’t Adam Hunter get the memo that Langston Hughes is a commie rat? I don’t think his essay’s going to go over well at the Republican Convention…


Dubya is certainly one of my idles. He’s one of the most idle presidents we’ve ever had.


It will be either Adam or Prabal so that with the addition of the Republicans can double the number of people of color who get invited.


Eric is my favorite Idle.


Seb, you might want to move that comma on the first line to between the “you” and “chances”.

Or not.


Have you read some of the gems that Hans has written over at Renew America, the wackjob site run by Alan Keyes? Hans, perhas because of his highly homoerotic name (which is the only thing about him that might even vaguely be called “hot”), has rather an issue with gays. He sees them in general as the single handed cause for the decline of scouting and (let’s not stop there!) western civilization in general. Maybe, Seb, your favorite Sheri still has a chance!


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