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The sad part is that rubes like this don’t even realize they’re committing the same offense when they label all the French as being anti-semitic. Even worse is that the right whingers don’t give a shit about anti-semitism and only use it as a weapon to bludgeon their enemies with.

I think it’s time for the left to begin a concentrated campaign of pointing out examples of racism and anti-semitism on the right. Unfortunately it’s the only way to make these rubes see what they’re doing.


I don’t agree. We should take the high road and people will see that we are right.
If they want to be ruthless liars, it doesn’t bother me.


Obviously faked picture. Why waste a possibly true story with a bogus picture?


Yeah, what is up with that photo? Where did it come from? It is implied to be connected with the supposed incident, but obviously isn’t.


Poorly faked, at that.


Say it’s really what it’s supposed to be. Two french skinheads yelling at a Jew.

Do they imagine that those folk vote left? I’m sure the good “anti-anti-semites” over there at that dipshit magazine could talk about the Muslim threat all day long and then have a big toast to killing the faggy, commie, French government.


I am deeply offended by that site’s banner. You call that a photoshop collage? And that bevel, emboss and horrible red drop shadow is enough to make one ill. Yuck!


Why….why…those horrible French. They were behaving as badly as….Americans.


Andrew: I’m really hoping you’re either 12 or just plugging your site. Which high road are you hoping for here? Do you mean like the one Max Cleland took when he responded to Coulter’s lies as to how he lost 3 limbs in VietNam by saying he didn’t consider himself to be a war hero either? Because that really worked out well, didn’t it?


Jesus Alison, just chill out!
Sorry, I’m from England, not 12 years old, so I’m not completely familiar with all your Yankee ways yet.
But insulting people is surely not the answer.
I just say if we teach people about the truth, then their lies will be of no consequence.
And of course I’m plugging my site. I reckon personnal blog’s are nothing more than giant ego-feeders anyway.


That picture is ridiculous (it looks like they photoshopped in a scene from an SEC tailgate party), but I’ve seen this incident written up in a couple of different papers, it sounds like something really happened there.

Amazing how people who are touring Auschwitz can flunk the tolerance test so poorly.


I just say if we teach people about the truth, then their lies will be of no consequence.

Aww…that’s so endearingly naive. I used to think like that, too. Then I realized that humans, by and large, are driven by all sorts of irrational impulses, and that feelings of power can be depended upon to matter far more than truth to most people. Rationality showed up pretty late in the evolutionary game.


Does it matter? Somewhere in America some skinheads are attacking some Jewish guy/girl. The American press won’t send itself into fits about the rise of anti-semetism under Goerge Bush’s leadership.
This shit happens. And what’s with the Muslim thing? Two WHITE skinheads harass some Jewish girl and it’s all Islams fault? THAT is racism.


Worst. Photoshop. Ever.


It’s a sad day when a couple’a chubby skinheads can’t chill in front of Auschwitz chugging brewskis without some skinny-ass French chick bugging them. In black and white with blue overtones, no less.

Couldn’t decide which one to comment with.


Why is Curly Howard yelling at that jogger?


The picture was used in a fark photoshop contest, although I don’t remember which one. The ‘shopper changed the words on the gateway to, I think, ‘Funk macht frei.’


“semiticism” ?


What a strange site that is! I was particularly amused by the article explaining “Why Hitler Was Evil”. Somehow, the author took that topic and managed to fail! He left out minor things like genocide in favor of other evils that Hitler supported like “prohibiting juvenile labour” and “a generous increase in old-age pensions”. Among my favorite unintentional ironies:
Why does some of my generation think that Hitler was not that evil of a guy? Do the people you hang out with mostly wear jackboots and shave their heads? (The author is “Editor in Chief of the Young Conservatives”)
Nobody should be excluded from citizenship because of their race or religion. Ironic because of the upcoming Michelle Malkin book “explaining” how the Japanese Relocation in WWII wasn’t racist.
Those who are from foreign lands should be treated as guests inside the nation they are visiting. Further, they should be treated under the same laws as the native citizens Unless you have a Patriot Act.


Jeez, Colin Quinn’s in Poland now?


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