Just to be sure, 100% means all of it, right?

Over at The Rant, home of the hottest conservative writers on the web, Andy Obermann writes:

First and foremost, under the Fair Tax System, Americans would keep 100% of their earnings. […] States will still be able to derive revenue from payroll taxes.

Mr. Garrison: “OK, now let’s try to get an answer from someone who’s not a complete retard.” (Hello Bruce.)

The final reason this plan makes sense is simply America is a nation of consumers. Rather than punishing the wealthy for being successful (as our current “progressive” tax system does), it will tax based on lifestyle. This makes the entire system “fair” ? as liberals so often demand of our tax rates. [Emphasis added.]

So how much does the homosexual lifestyle cost at Costco’s these days anyway?


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HAhAHA, that’s just random noise.
Do these guys have any idea what they’re talking about?
And the worst thing is, I bet I make more money than these jokers.


Hmmm…I’d like to trade in my current homosexual lifestyle, it’s not getting me many dates. Will I get a rebate?


Good to hear a second-hand homosexual lifestyle (and hetero lifestyle, for that matter) will be sales tax exempt. So the price of a virgin prostitute (or mail order bride) will be much higher than a shop-soiled one. I bet they just want to turn EBay into the IRS.


If one chooses to purchase luxury items, such as private jets and million dollar mansions, they will pay their due taxes for that choice. Those who choose to buy a used car and home will pay no taxes, since, under this system, used goods are tax exempt. Wouldn’t that mean that those who choose to purchase used private jets and used million dollar mansions would pay no tax?
The babble about various flat taxes always tickles me. Somehow it never seems to occur to people that, if corporations don’t pay any taxes at all and we decrease the taxes on the wealthy, somebody must make up the difference. Hastert’s proposal just has the dubious distinction of being the silliest of the lot.


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