How long has it been since you were with a man, Kerry?

Sadly, No! favorite Kerry Marsala (an older Amber Pawlik) is back on the wagon. Or off:

In the beginning God created male and female. The male was to be the decisive and logically thinking side and the female was created to be the emotional and nurturing side.

And yet, God lets women write articles on politics. It’s amazing really.

There are crossovers of strength and character between the sexes. Men by nature are physically stronger and able to endure impossible tasks of strenuous proportions.

We must stop Saddam Hussein and his impossible tasks of strenuous proportions.

For sometime now, women have been contributing to a slow degeneration of what needs to find balance, if we are to survive as men and women. Due to an over zealous pendulum swing men have been under constant attack and it needs to stop.

Unless it does, we shall all become sexless creatures — neither man nor woman. And because Kerry wouldn’t get us all worked up over nothing, you know she has good evidence to support her theory:

Watch the comedy show Raymond for a few episodes[.]

Oh oh, the wheels are starting to fall off the logic bus.

Yes, there are lousy guys who go around impregnating women and leave, so does this give women the right to use men for their sperm and then walk away?

You guys, going around impregnating women! We bet most of them don’t even know what’s happened to them! How long before something like this happens to Sheri Valera?!?

Well mom, I was out and ran into this guy who goes around impregnating women and what do you know…

we leave the most important part out of the miracle of creation-it’s called love between a man and a woman

Uh no, actually it’s called the penis goes into the vagina. Sheri can explain.

Men are wonderful—they’re unique, they’re our counter-balances.

They’re never calling me even though they said they would! Tabarnak!

So the real question is: Are you A Man or just a male sperm with fecundating fluid that enjoys being kicked in the groin?

Funny, that is so not the question we had come up with after reading this.

This posted is dedicated to insomnia and Black Russians.

PS: Don’t try to fool us Kerry, we know you made this mistake on purpose, as is your wont:

propensity not to remember things (like wear she put the checkbook[.]) [Emphasis added.]

From Kerry’s bio:

At least her lack of punctuation and grammar seems to irritate the heck out of the liberals.


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Due to an over zealous pendulum swing men have been under constant attack and it needs to stop.

I think she’s saying the Right shouldn’t have gone apeshit over Clinton getting a blowjob or two. The presidency is a stressful job if one doesn’t spend 43% of one’s time on vacation, as Dubya does, and a man needs some relaxation if he’s to continue enduring impossible tasks of strenuous proportions.

As for Kerry’s liberal-irritating intentional typos, of course “over zealous” in her quote above should be “overzealous.” And then there’s this:

Men at times are extremely emotional, watch what happens when their favorite team looses the play-offs.

Apparently Kerry thinks that her typos and grammatical errors are less likely to irritate winguts, since so many of them are barely literate. See, e.g., .

Democratic Underground (item No. 4 at link) offers a fine example of the standard of literacy in GOP World. Persons who wanted to attend a Cheney speech in New Mexico were required to sign a loyalty oath, stating, “I . . . herby [sic] endorse George W. Bush for reelection of the United States [sic].” Sort of a reverse literacy test, apparently: if you noticed how fucked up the sentence was, they figured you probably weren’t a real Republican.


No. I refuse to believe this.

“She” has to be someone’s failed attempt to win the Turing Test. They realized that the perfect syntax and grammar of computerized language-simulation was unnatural, so some whiz kid wrote a subroutine that would introduce typos and grammatical errors, apparently randomly, like the Cajunizer that I heard about, a word macro intended to teach people in the office to check their documents after printing them.

Unfortunately, this subroutine (WingNut 2.0, with paraliteracy module)worked too well…


I don’t think it occurred to a borderline amazon like Kerry (what’s up with her hand on her neck – is she covering an adam’s apple or something?) that telling men to quit being such pussies and to stand up for themselves might actually be more emasculating than being forced to watch a whole season’s worth of that Raymond show.


Sacriste! I hate when I get attacked with over zealous pendulums!

By nature I have a strong stomach but I’m not sure I can endure reading her column anymore, an impossible task of strenuous proportions if I ever faced one.



Wow. Re: grammar and punctuation. Deal with it until she can afford an editor?

We are headed into another “Dark Age.” Science and now standard English are considered weapons of the “educated elite”, and they are every conservative’s enemy.

It won’t be long before they will have to hire a member of the clergy to be their editor! We know what happens from there…see inquisition!

They’re illiterates and they don’t care! They are taking pride in their stupidity! No wonder they like bush!


Yep, today’s shameful sitcom male portrayals sure do make one yearn for the quiet dignity and rock-solid stoicism of the Ralph Kramdens and Ed Nortons of days past.

Kee-rist, what a maroon.


I hate when I get attacked with over zealous pendulums!

Uh, pendula, hee hee.


So what’s wrong with Raymond?


And who is “Ray Ramone”? Some dyslexic brain-fart combination of Ray Romano and “Ray Barone”, the character he plays? Joey’s and Dee Dee’s replacement? Or just part of Kerry’s evil plan to irritate the heck out of us?

Good lord, this woman is stupid.


Grammar is for limp-wristed, bleeding-heart liberal pussie-boys!


And really, “male sperm with fecundating [most likely not a word] fluid that enjoys being kicked in the groin”?

That’s going to return some really weird hits from Google.


And who is “Ray Ramone”?

I remember the Ramones!:

DDT keeps me happy, I’m a teenage lobotomee! Lobotomy, lobotomy . . .


I remember the Ramones!:

Burns: “Have the Rolling Stones killed.”
Smithers: “But sir, those are-”
Burns: “Do as I say!”


Men are looked at as being louses…

Isn’t the plural of louses actually lice? Is she saying that men are crawly little white bugs?


While indeed our proportions can be described as strenous, I don’t think most men would classify handling them as “enduring” or “impossible”. But Kerry does seem to think that men impregnate women by getting kicked in the balls, so I can forgive her for thinking that they may be a tad reluctant.


Men, you need to decide for yourselves, because it’s only the individuals who can change how others are treating them. Do you continue to let women treat you like you haven’t an IQ higher than a six pack of Bud, a bowl full of Nachos and Monday Football with the guys? Do you continue to let women poke fun at you over the fact that you process information differently? No, you don?t need to tolerate it any longer!


The first thing I noticed was her hand covering her adam’s apple as well.


Can you imagine if a sitcom was created to make fun of women who suffer from hot flashes?

It was called The Golden Girls.

Kerry’s so right, men never make fun of women or portray them in a bad light. Glen Close was just trying to make her patented rabbit stew for her hungry man.


Do you continue to let women treat you like you haven’t an IQ higher than a six pack of Bud, a bowl full of Nachos and Monday Football with the guys?

I hate how women treat men like:

+ They haven’t an IQ higher than a six pack of Bud
+ A bowl full of Nachos
+ Monday Football with the guys

Or maybe the IQ comparison is to Bud and nachos in combination. I think that’s called the American Standard Combo Pack.

But when women treat men like Monday Football with the guys, that’s just beyond the pale.


So… What is a “Man Kerry”?

Surely, you know the difference between “Eat, my friends” and “Eat my friends”?


John: Our lack of punctutation and grammar is meant to upset lefties.

Who are we kidding? Truth is, we can’t write.

Fixed. Thanks.


John: Our lack of punctutation and grammar is meant to upset lefties.

Wat eez dis punctutation off witch u right?

[This comment has NOT been edited by Sadly, No!]


can those people be any stupider? did anyone have the intestinal fortitude to peruse the rest of that site? good god i almost lost a burrito…there’s such a crazy kind of I-might-just-snap feel to people who scream “LIBERAL SPIN!” while spinning so madly their limbs may fly off.


By any chance, have you guys visited Kerry Marsala’s myspace page? She is calling herself Fiona now. Her sister is suicidal but from what I have discovered, mental illness runs in THAT family.

I can’t tell from Kerry’s pictures if she’s a man or woman …and that nose …maybe she can sell some of her dreadful paintings and get a nose job and tummy tuck. Is she wearing a mask? Her skin looks dreadfully stretchy!

I’ve read enough of her articles to believe this woMAN may possibly be mildly retarded. I am not saying that to be malicious, it’s just going around that she has quite a few Problems.

I have investigated this woman a bit myself and have found that she tells a lot of little white lies. It seems she is getting away with it too. I don’t know whether to feel pity for her or begin to disclose all the unpleasant things I’ve learned about her. This woman has a lot of problems.

There are universities where you can buy degrees …or obtain free, useless degrees online. That is the only possible way this woman could have graduated! Did she graduate from the University of BOB?

There is a picture of her holding a knife. Everybody Hide!


This is Kerry Marsala’s daughter’s myspace page. Her name is Heather. She only has one friend and the friends name is Fiona who is really Kerry Marsala (Heather’s mom)
What a strange bunch.
You need to have a look at Kerry’s resume. You will find that she uses her children’s hobbies to make her look well connected. Ex. she will use her daughters website and say she is a webmaster or editor etc she is now using myspace members to get interviews etc. for various websites. What will this person think of next?


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