Isn’t it time you went back to your planet?

Last February, we wrote about the unidentified lifeforms featured in commercials for Quiznos.

Well, the spongmonkeys as we’re told they’re called are back. The management urges caution when clicking on the link.

(Link via Spartacus.)


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That’s upsetting.


You know ‘we love the moon’ predates the Quizno’s commercials by quite a bit, right?


I recommend that anyone who thinks they are cool should check out the rest of the weirdness on Joel Veitch’s site. Some is very funny (Viking kittens is my favorite) and some of it is really disturbing to me (A frightened boy or something like that, really turned me off…). Whatever though.


Spongmonkeys on the moon

Sadly, no has found a new recording by our favorite alien sandwich shop mascots.  The kittens are not pleased….


Yep, gazould…they’ve been lovin’ the moon for a few years now.


All I know is that the phrase “fearsome stomping Laibach kittens” has made it into my everyday vocabulary.


Cow! Cube! Cow-ube!


Joel Veitch’s stuff ROOOOLS.

Anntichrist S. Coulter

Yes, yes, Joel is indeed a very gifted wizard o’kittens and other such perversities. I’ve been watching his stuff for a couple years now. I don’t think that you can still get to the Led Zeppelin/Viking kittens through his site anymore, though, some lawsuit shit, probably, but I do still have the link:

Also check out the Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues, via Joel’s site. ( Hysterical proto-punk-ish. And if you like Joel’s stuff, go see Weeble & Bob. Serious freaks.

And I don’t remember who did this (probably Joel), but it’s via AlbinoBlackSheep and it’s a fucking riot:

Seriously addictive shit.



the spongmonkey’s moon song is the original… quiznos copied it.

if you’re going to diss them, at least get your facts straight buddy!!

oh.. and PLEASE visit my link up there.. it will give you wonderful information about these rats you hate… they arent bad.. just missunderstood. I for one have fallen in love. =P


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