If this is the end, we shall go out in style

Over at TBOGG, Tom writes about Atrios’ decision to post a picture of himself:

Now that Atrios is no longer a man of mystery, I can’t get that damn Paul Simon song out of my head….

Having seen recent pictures of Jesse, Ezra, and Kos it just seems that all of the mystery of blogging has just up and left the room…

Well then we figure, so be it. As luck would have it, we recently needed to get new pictures of the management to stick on our resumes. (You think we want to work here forever? Sadly, No!) Yet simply posting the picture seems, well, so easy, we thought it would be fitting to go the extra mile. As a result, we decided to draw on the same technology used by the Wall Street Journal to make those little stipple hedcuts to bring you this: the first ever artist rendition of the management, in all its, uh, connected dots.


Click here, and the truth shall set us free.


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Ceci n’est pas une Seb.


What’s your secret for staying so thin?


Wow, I have met you! Your father was a fisherman, and you were born among the boredom and the chowder..


I can’t figure out if this is a normally proportioned picture of Seb wearing a shirt with a funny collar, or a “superdeformed” Chibi!Seb jumping rope…

(I just *know* someone now is gonna say something like, well, I’m from Canada and I know Seb, and you know, he had this terrible accident and had to spend all his childhood in a plaster cast, but it’s really rude to bring it up don’t you know that?)


That’s EXACTLY how I pictured you. I guess all of those drugs were a complete waste of money, after all.


You’re Ahmed Chalabi with hair?


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