Thank you friends!

As at least a few of you noticed, we were away last week. Fortunately, Pete M. from The Dark Window filled in for us, and fun was had by all. What we did not expect, however, was the find the following emails in our inbox on our return. Both were sent to a troll discussion group in which we are involved. The first was sent by Alan, known to regular readers for launching a discussion on “how do you say go fuck yourself in Spanish?:”

Can we just take a moment to offer a collective “here! Here!” to Seb? His li’l writing project over there in alemania is kicking ass these days. I
haven’t been online much lately so I was just now catching up. There is some
really good writing and analysis there.

To which Blair, our regular provider of links to newspaper articles we had already read anyway, replied:

Well, this usually happens when he has a guest-blogger.

G*, another well known troll who likes to mock our French Canadian origins chimed in with this:

Let me know when he comes out with the English language version…

And Scott, the ISP of a thousand wonders piled on:

It’s only kicking ass because he isn’t writing it at the moment 🙂

The second email was sent by Blair:

Via the new, improved S,N! …

So the bottom line is that we’re looking for replacement friends. Please leave your name in the comments if interested.

* Not her real name.


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I’d be interested in being a friend “with benefits” 😉


Can I be a friend? I’m usually smart enough to snark about my friends without including them on the email thread. 🙂

Oh, and you never would have to worry about my sad, sad, pathetic blog competing with yours! It’s perfect!


How about Stanton Carlisle? I hear he lives in Germany and he has a neighbor named Oskar.


I can touch both my nose and chin with my tongue. *wink*


WN: Sounds like you might be the friend alan’s been looking for all his life.


we’re looking for replacement friends

All of Seb’s unwanted friends will be welcomed as super friends at the Dark Window (the thinking man’s Sadly, No!). Don’t worry…Seb won’t even miss you. And unless your name’s Yosef, I won’t make fun of you over there like Seb does here.*

* Actually, this a lie. I will make fun of you too.

You know, now that I think about it, you’re probably all better off just reading World O’Crap.

cardinal ximenez

I’ll be your friend on two conditions:

1) I can guest blog
2) When I do, the blog title will be “Sadly, NI!”


Dear Cardinal:

Shouldn’t you be blogging over at Sadly, Ecky- ecky- ecky- ecky- pikang- zoop- boing- goodem- zoo- owli- zhiv instead?


I’d like to be your friend. I’ll bring over chocolate chip cookies and beer.


You poor forlorn thing. Maybe you need to go to a cuddle

Apropos of nothing, did you ever notice that the anagram of “Sadly No” is “Nosy Lad”?


btw, this sounds like the girl of Pete’s dreams:

At his eighth cuddle party, Piccurro cuddled with a half-dozen women ranging from a lithe blonde yoga instructor to a buxom brunette and her petite blonde girlfriend, as well as a generously proportioned born-again Christian.


Actually, I suspect that Pete wouldn’t turn down some three-way action with the buxom brunette and her petite blonde girlfriend, either.


this sounds like the girl of Pete’s dreams

I was trying to think of some retort, Frederick, when I realized that I don’t actually have any standards (evidenced by where I choose to guest-blog). So I guess you’re probably right on both counts.


I’d like to be a Dark Window Super Friend, but only if I don’t have to be a Wonder Twin.

Seb, can I just be one of those people you remember when sending out your Christmas update letter with pictures of the pets and stuff?


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