Lie Another Day

USA Today columnist, National Review contributor, CNN commentator Ann Coulter:

What liberals normally do in response to a principled conservative argument is lie, manufacture quotes, and call conservatives names [.]

Tom Mortensen, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth:

Kerry is, and always has been, a financially secure, ideologically international Marxist elitist and supremacist. He has no clue what liberty is. He’s an appeaser. I suppose, first and foremost, he’s an opportunist that betrayed his “Band of Brothers” (including me and most Viet vets) in a quest for personal power as do most megalomaniacs.

He was a contributor to the loss 3 million lives to totalitarianism in SE Asia[.] [Emphasis added]

Added to Ann’s unemployment description. Thanks to Trish.


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It is so unfair of you to demand all these liberal elitist things like “facts,” “accuracy,” and “good taste” from conservatives. They are ubermen, not bound by your petty slave mentality.


Any time we talk about Ann, you’ve gotta find the most appropriate Hitler quote, I’ll choose this one…

“The Social Democrats, with their unreliable attitude in national questions, always turned against German interests in critical matters affecting the Germans – in order not to alienate the members of the various foreign nationalities.”

Miss Authoritiva

What’s astonishing about the Swift Boat Liar’s quote (other than the usual number of internal contradictions) is its widespread applicability. You can insert so many other names and it works: Nixon, Kissinger, Bush I, Bush II, Cheney, Rumsfeld. Hey, if Kerry can be a financially secure, international Marxist elitist, so can those distinguished gentlemen. To steal a word from Rumsfeld, the quote is “fungible.”


You left out CNN commentator – whoops, not anymore! – Ann Coulter


That would assume Ann has ever put forward, or even heard, a principled Conservative argument.


“What liberals normally do in response to a principled conservative argument is lie, manufacture quotes, and call conservatives names.”

Well, I haven’t seen a “principled conservative argument” since Ike’s administration (and we know that Ann’s favorite era was the Ike era, ’cause Tail-Gunner Joe was running amok then). In fact, most of what passes for “conservatism” these days would have been blasted by the principled conservatices of those days.



Tu quoque eh?

What exactly does Anne Coulter have to do with Tom Mortenson have to do with liberal discourse?


Hey– I haven’t been following this too closely. While the statement doesn’t look like the acme of forthrightness, could someone tell me what exactly is false in the quote?



“Marxist elitist”
“He has no clue what liberty is.”

Do these sound like honest evaluations of a man’s character, or a smear campaign?

And I haven’t even brought up the ridiculous notion of his “contributing” to the 3 million people “loss” to totalitarianism.

Oh…wait…i just did.




Yeah, that’s why I said that it didn’t seem the “acme of forthrightness.”

But there’s a difference between vitriol and lies. I have little doubt that these Swift Boat Veterans ‘for Truth’ are in fact not actually concerned with truth at all, and are probably lying through their teeth.

Anyone speaking so shrilly as these bozos makes it difficult for me to believe that truth is on their side, but I’d like some evidence so that I know that I’m right.


I think Freud called this “reaction formation”.


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