Good flash is hard to find

It’s been so long since we last produced a Flash Friday animation you might think we’ve forgotten about the whole thing. Yet the answer remains… Sadly, No! Until we do get back to work however, we are happy to offer this post with links to all of the previous animations:

  • Sadly, No! Dick, in honor of Cheney’s undisclosed location.
  • Sadly, No! Love, for our pal Rush Limbaugh (among others.)
  • Sadly, No! Chalabi — even more topical now than it was at the time.
  • Sadly, No! Gipsy — Welcome to Hotel Gitmo.
  • Sadly, No! Iraq — the one that started it all.
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    I’m fairly new around here. Those animations completely blow me away. It seems somehow to be what you don’t say that speaks loudest.


    Miscellanea – Special President’s Day Edition

    On the liberal side of the blogosphere, Sadly, No! has a series of hilarious Flash animations…


    Sadly, no Chalabi?
    Forsooth, it’s only been a year and a bit, how can your links be broken already?

    (and whatever happened to Flash Fridays, anyway?)


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