Hard to say I’m sleepy

If the answer is yes, then we may have found just the right “man” for Sadly, No!’s favorite professional virgin, Miss Sheri Valera. According to this story:

SINGLE women in Japan have been offered the ultimate bedtime mate: he won’t stay out late, he doesn’t snore and he won’t hog the doona.

He sounds like the perfect guy because if there’s one thing that Sheri hates, it’s a guy that hogs the doona. And be honest ladies — who doesn’t?

Women of all ages have reportedly been rushing to buy their very own Boyfriend Arm Pillow – a snuggly alternative to the real thing.

Oh baby, give it to me!

He comes with his own shirts for those who miss fussing over their man and one model has a vibrating alarm function to gently shake their sleeping beauty awake.


ok, this is starting to sound a little bit too erotic for Sheri, but who knows? Who doesn’t want to wake up asking “is it 7am already or are you just glad to see me?”

And for our good friend Pete, there is hope:

And for the boys who feel left out – a limited edition Girlfriend Arm Pillow is also on the way.

Today is a happy day!

(Thanks to Chuck for the link.)

[Added picture.]


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Stick some googly eyes on this thing and it’s a giant tickle-me Elmo. Cool!


Attachments sold in the dark room at the back of the store.


And for our good friend Pete, there is hope

Fortunately, Mrs. Seb No and I sleep in different time zones so she said I could borrow hers when she isn’t using it. I’m guessing that’s not going to be all that often, though…


What the heck is a doona?


What the heck is a doona?

You’ll have to google it just like we did. ;p


I hogged a doona once and I couldn’t walk for 3 days.


That thing in the picture turns me on!


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