A most interesting theory, my dear friend

Thanks to World O’Crap we discover “this guy” who:

claims that the stamp used on the letters (which looks like a standard pre-stamped envelope to me) is an IRAQI stamp featuring an IRAQI eagle, proving that Saddam was behind the anthrax attack, and probably 9/11 too

(On an unrelated note, we also discover thanks to WOC about Pete’s strange hobbies, but that’s for another blog.) Anyway — back to “this guy,” whose name appears to be J. Adams. “J” doesn’t only have fascinating theories about Saddam’s Mass Mailings of Biological Destruction. In fact, he has even better theories about the Soviet Union. In case you wonder if you should believe him, consider this:

While I don’t know if U.S. intelligence has made the connections overviewed above, I have. Maybe there’s a reason.

You know what, maybe there is a reason. We’re just really scared to find out what that reason might be, although some unrenewed prescriptions and missed doctor appointments may well be part of the answer. On we go to the more interesting theories however:

I also realize, unlike U.S. intelligence, that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq is ultimately doing Moscow’s bidding. Furthermore, the “Evil Empire” Saddam works for simply is not dead….it feigned it’s own demise temporarily in order to get America and the Western powers to lower their guard and thereby open the way for a surprise third world war and the conquest of the Free World.

Since the West has been effectively deceived and the stage is now set for our military defeat if not outright annihilation, it may seem that there is no hope. Unfortunately for our foes, however, ultimate victory can not be achieved through lies and hate. All through history the way of truth and love has always won. Theirs are the armaments of man, mine is the sword of God’s truth and THAT can never be defeated.

You may want to read that about 574 times to make sure that it finally sinks in. America’s enemies have done all the right things to defeat her, but God will come through, along with his trusted sword of truth! Take that President Putin!

Come back tomorrow when we take a look at the secret plan for world domination cooked up by the Russians. Don’t cheat and look now — you could hurt yourself. Remember, Sadly, No! is staffed by professionals!


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I want a new species. One that will adopt me and care for me and take me away from here.


The stage is set for our military destruction?? Damn, we’re sure not getting much value for 1/2 trillion a year in military spending, then…


ultimate victory can not be achieved through lies and hate.

Bush-Cheney 2004 is going to be very disappointed about that.




No lies or hate? I thought that was the Republican way.


God-Jesus doesn’t have a sword. He has a Cross of Smiting and red laser eyes. (And metallic skin).


I’ve just taken a peek at that very strange site of J Adams. And I believe perhaps I should contact the FBI ASAP!!!! I’ve just looked at a picture of the Great Seal of The President of The United States. And what did I see there? An Iraqi Eagle!!! Not even hidden by being flipped like on the ‘stamps’! But in all it’s Iraqi splendor. Apearently Sadaam has taken over America already and we didn’t know it. Not even J Adams!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAA Oh I shouldn’t laugh!! That guy is very not funny! And there probably are people who actually buy that shit. Probably some of the same ones who buy The National Inquirer!


I won’t believe it until I see it on the cover of the Weekly World News.


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