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In a display of logic only possible by a true wingnet, Michelle Malkin manages to turn having a quote misattributed to her by William Kristol into an opportunity to complain about the New York Times:

Since I never usually appear on the New York Times op-ed page unless someone’s calling me a fascist, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quote.

Of course, when the NYT does mention Michelle (on any page), it’s not “exactly” like that:

  1. On Fox News, Michelle Malkin reported that a number of blogs had declared Mr. Allen to be the winner.
  2. …including a video entry from the doyenne of right-wing blogs, Michelle Malkin
  3. …wrote Michelle Malkin, a prominent conservative blogger.
  4. But Michelle Malkin, one of the bloggers who have strongly criticized the Frosts…
  5. The charge was led by Michelle Malkin, who according to Technorati has the most-trafficked right-wing blog on the Internet, and in addition to blogging has a nationally syndicated column, writes for National Review and is a frequent guest on Fox News. (Paul Krugman, op-ed page)
  6. …Michelle Malkin, the conservative blogger, noted that he had said not one word about the failed effort to name Harriet E. Miers, the former White House counsel, to the Supreme Court “or the undeniable stumbles in post-Iraq invasion policies. And not a word about the spectacular disaster of the illegal alien shamnesty, which will be the everlasting stain Rove leaves behind.”
  7. Yet backed by strong support from military blogs and right-wing pundits like Michelle Malkin…
  8. Michelle Malkin, another conservative blogger who wants all the Republicans to join the YouTube debate…
  9. One popular conservative blogger, Michelle Malkin, mocked Rove and his interviewer, Paul Gigot, […] Malkin, an Asian-American in her 30s, comes from a far different place than the Gigot-Fred Barnes-William Kristol axis of Bush-era ideological lock step. (Frank Rich, op-ed page)
  10. His encounters with Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter went viral on YouTube.
  11. Bryan Preston of the Hot Air blog, run by Michelle Malkin, characterized the investigation as proving that carbon credits are ”nothing but a scam”…
  12. Even Michelle Malkin, Coulter’s fellow pinup girl on the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute’s 2007 ”Great American Conservative Women” calendar, blasted her words as ”rhetorical fragging” and a ”tired old schtick.” (Judith Warner, op-ed page)
  13. The conservative author Michelle Malkin did not attend.
  14. BEST SELLERS: November 17, 2002, INVASION, by Michelle Malkin…
  15. National Taxpayers Union and Regnery Publishing, home to conservative authors like Tony Blankley and Michelle Malkin…
  16. which were posted on the Web site of Michelle Malkin, a conservative syndicated columnist…
  17. Mr. Domenech works full time at Regnery Publishing, a publisher of conservative authors like Michelle Malkin and Tony Blankley. Ms. Malkin, whose latest book was edited by Mr. Domenech, posted a column on her blog yesterday…
  18. …debunks the right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin’s post-9/11 revisionist take on the Japanese-American internment and racial profiling in general…
  19. … editorials in The Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as by a column in The New York Post by Michelle Malkin (a contributor for Fox News, CNN’s rival)….
  20. Michelle Malkin, a syndicated columnist, found the book appalling.
  21. Michelle Malkin’s “In Defense of Internment,” a warm look back on the mass internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. (Adam Cohen, op-ed page)
  22. Were they ignorant of the controversy?” Michelle Malkin wrote in her blog. She is the author of ”In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World…
  23. The syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin argues persuasively that the I.N.S.’s decision to release John Lee Malvo after his December 2001 arrest by immigration authorities was ”in clear violation of federal law.” (Frank Rich, op-ed page)
  24. But until Michelle Malkin, an editorial columnist for The Seattle Times, raised the issue, the news media seemed not to have noticed.

In case anyone is wondering if we left out the bad stuff — this list is comprehensive. Until Kristol’s column (make it #25), the NYT’s archives held 24 hits for “Michelle Malkin.”

But hey — complaining about the NYT is a full time job for some. The best part is you don’t even need to have any factual reason to do it!


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Wait, lemme get this straight, Michelle Malkin’s a liar? You don’t say.


Truthiness, my friend, truthiness. Just because the NY Times hasn’t YET called the esteemed Ms. Malkin a fascist does not mean the intent to do so isn’t latent behind every letter of every sentence.


It’s an insult that hasn’t happened yet.


I’d like to complain that the NYT nowhere includes the phrase, “failed cheerleader Michelle Malkin”.


Even if anyone at the Times did call her a fascist, and it sure looks like no one at the Times called her that, can’t you just imagine her curled up on the couch wearing footy pajamas reading Jonah’s great new book about the real American fascists?

Arky - Fascitanata

Not that she’s starving for attention or anything …


I guess they’ll give her a job now.


Let’s be fair: since when does Jesse have time to check the Times’ archives?


Imaginary libels
Always run you down
When all the others turn you away
They’re around
It’s my private pleasure
Blogging fantasy
Someone to hate my
Wildest dreams and me
Imaginary libel
You’re mine anytime
Imaginary libel, oh yeah

When ordinary libels
Don’t give you that feel
And real-life situations lose their thrill
Imagination’s unreal
Imaginary libel, imaginary libel
You’re mine anytime


Look, Michelle is complaining about the NYTimes we should have, not the Times that exists. She’s holding them to a higher standard than they hold themselves. It’s inarguably true they should call her a fascist, what with the support of internment and willingness to dehumanize anyone who disagrees with her cheerleading of bloodthirsty corporate interests which she conflates with national security. Hell, her fans have even committed acts of eliminationist terrorism, albeit with comic ineptitude.


What’s Medved’s take on this? I don’t care enough to actually go look myself. My hope is that he accuses Kristol of being part of a radical Hollywood homosexual plot. And then reminds us that America was the best at slavery.


Hell, her fans have even committed acts of eliminationist terrorism, albeit with comic ineptitude.

Clearly the only way to make this right is to misattribute credit for the botched terrorism to a Michael Medved fan. I mean, there’s got to be one of those somewhere right?

I’m just distressed that no one seems to be considering Medved’s feelings like at all here. He’s the real victim, not Michelle with her stupid big popular website and her attractiveness to the opposite sex and her extra google hit she didn’t earn!


Childish jab, as usual:

Merkin = Malkin

[Alteration of obsolete malkin, lower-class woman, mop, from Middle English, from Malkin, diminutive of the personal name Matilda.]

And nothing about that is factually inaccurate.



So Jonah was WRONG!

Fascist = conservative, at least in Mickey’s mind!


The fact is, it is the liberals who are terrorists. Malkin is a brave woman for fighting back against the PC mob who want to take our God-given freedom away.


Imaginary libels

Nicely done, Righteous Bubba. A song about wanking, no less.


Since I never usually appear on the New York Times op-ed page unless someone’s calling me “shit-for-brains”, I was pleasantly surprised…


Not to mention that “never usually…” Talk about hedging your bets – and establishing plausible deniability.


Where would these people be without their persecution complexes?

Worst. President. Ever.

The fact is, it is the liberals who are terrorists.

Damn, and I had just got used to being a ‘fascist’… liberalism today is so hard to keep up with.


See? That’s what happens when you leave your straw man hanging out.


How many times can someone call me a “liberal fascist” before I get to don jackboots and go all Freikorps on his ass? I mean, I wouldn’t want anyone to think our liberal fascist movement is staffed by wimps who cannot take a few shards of broken glass on our shiny peaked caps. (Ditto allegations of terrorism, or of supporting same.)


Wow. If you read the comments over at Malkin’s site, you come away with the realization that her fans have absolutely no idea (a) who Bill Kristol is or (b) that Op-Ed columns are not written by the NYT editorial board.

Cases in point:

On January 7th, 2008 at 10:00 am, ACHefty said:

I like Malkin. But it’s typical of the NY Slimes to be “fake but accurate.” In this case, accurate quote of the wrong MM. Paper of record, indeed.


On January 7th, 2008 at 10:28 am, max said:

bloghooligan said:
clearly Kristol’s error was not an attempt to defame Michelle.

I agree, in fact, i think it’s the first time I’ve seen the pretentious old G-Lady refer to MMr as anything other than a “right wing blogger” or something to that effect…it’s almost as if they’re actually admitting that blogging is (heaven forfend!)”writing.”


“Since I never usually appear on the New York Times op-ed page unless someone’s calling me a fascist”

Come on you guys, give Michelle a break. A girl can dream, can’t she?


You liberals are a bunch of slanderous unpatriotic athieo-fascists who despise Patriots like Michelle Malkin and anyone who loves America, God and Freedom. I only wish Joe McCarthy was still around he was right to go after the anti-American communist scum that is the left!


To: Michelle Merkin

Subject: NY Times references to you

Dear Michelle,

Please rest assured that just because no one at the NY Times ever called you a fascist does NOT mean that you are not, in fact, a fascist.

Sorry for any confusion.


Bastion Booger = Aborting Oboes!

Why do parody trolls hate America’s orchestras?


I’m beginning to think we have only one troll with many partially formed personalities.

Oh, and ‘I’m beginning to think‘ is my ‘the fact is‘.

Just sayin’.


Why do parody trolls hate America’s orchestras?

This is a great mystery and is central to my point.


In Michelle’s defense, this list includes several references to her as a conservative blogger. So they kind of did call her a fascist.


an editorial columnist for The Seattle Times,

…the Hell?!?! When did that happen!?!?


I’m beginning to think we have only one troll with many partially formed personalities.

Well basically, we have only one troll with many partially-formed personalities.


[…] Truthiness. […]


How does a lying, ignorant imbecile like Michelle Malkin get to be a “prominent conservative blogger” anyway? And what does it say about the people who put her in that position?


See, this is why you liberals will lose. You keep using facts to counter insanity. Facts never prove anything.


Galactic Dustbin: Dave Neiwert @ Orcinus has some details on Malkin’s tenure at the Times.


Hey, be nice to Michelle. You wouldn’t be a happy camper either, if you were nailed to a cross all day.


hey, i wish joe mccarthy was still around also. imagine what a horrible life he’d have as living proof of one of the most ridicuously idiotic episodes in american history. he wouldn’t be able to leave his house, except to go hang out with michelle malkin.

yes, bring him back so that we may mock him, and that you may cry like the little 15 year old boy that defended britney, “LEAVE JOE ALONE!”

it’s good to have a laugh now and then.


Michelle Malkin is hot.

I bet she takes it in the poo shooter.


I’m pretty sure this just proves her point.


How does a lying, ignorant imbecile like Michelle Malkin get to be a “prominent conservative blogger” anyway?

Blatant self-promotion. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


“See, this is why you liberals will lose. You keep using facts to counter insanity. Facts never prove anything.”

Facts are simple and facts are straight
Facts are lazy and facts are late
Facts all come with points of view
Facts don’t do what I want them to
Facts just twist the truth around
Facts are living turned inside out
Facts are getting the best of them
Facts are nothing on the face of things
Facts don’t stain the furniture
Facts go out and slam the door
Facts are written all over your face
Facts continue to change their shape




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