A Small Victory For…Uh, Thingy

Sometimes it’s the simple things. Oh, also, yes, I’m back (from a sojourn in Oregon, in a place where they have no Internet to speak of).

If you’re going to somehow convince the guitar store to let you play the $100,000 1939 D’Angelico jazz guitar, obviously the main thing is to get some video of yourself playing a Rudimentary Peni song:

Not to be all Roy Edroso or anything, but the final chord is a tiny and perfect work of art, worth watching on loop (as so many tiny things are, if only there were enough lifetimes to contain them). And actually, I think you can get one of those pre-war D’Angelicos for only $30,000 or so — but I believe this only strengthens my point.*

We’ll be back soon with more!

* All such phrases ©1998-2008, Jonah Goldberg


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Dude we all can’t be Alex Lifeson ok?


Welcome back. Guess all the squares w/ jobs & lives are asleep.


If I had that sweet axe down, I would have busted out “Crazy Train” or “Smoke on the Water”.


Here we have a situation in which Nigel Tufnel’s admonitions would have been opportune.


“Can I look at it?”

Thanks, I can head off to the borg on a Monday morning with a smile on my face (for once).


This has the potential to become the guitar thread I’ve long dreamt of. Too bad I’ve got to go to work.
I resolve to learn that bit this evening.

My ’61 ES 125TC does a reasonable D’Angelico impression after a few drinks…

Thanks Gavin.


Man, I can imagine holding that baby and strumming right now.

“That little sports car was slippery as an oyster
Following it was like riding on a roller coaster (ROLLER COASTER)”


Start playing My Generation and watch the staff freak out when you get close to the guitar-smashing part.


As a retired guitar builder, I have to say that I found watching that….painful. Very, very painful.


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