The New York Times: All the obvious platitudes that are fit to print

And Jonah Goldberg is right there to get giddy about them:

Interesting piece in the New York Times on how demographic changes help Bush in the electoral college. The essential bit:


“The shift in the electoral map means that the Republicans have a crucial cushion going into the 2004 presidential campaign. Mr. Bush could hold all the states he won in 2000 except for, say, West Virginia and its five electoral votes, and still win in 2004. The Democrats have no such room for error. They must hold all the states Mr. Gore won and add to them to make up the difference.” [Emphasis added]

Yes — seeing as how the Democrats had 266 electoral college votes in 2000, please forgive us if it’s not a shocking piece of news that they must win more states in 2004 to win the White House. We’re pretty sure they’re on to that as well. But we guess you have to get your good news somewhere when you’re stuck in the corner.


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And let me add that Gore did not actually lose Florida (no, I’m not over it). Therefore, the tally is off by an additional two electoral votes.


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