Doug Giles, S.Z., and The Curse of Amber Pawlik

As you’ve probably already heard, the lovely S.Z. from World O’Crap recently came down with some kind of mystery illness and was forced to forgo her normal blogging responsibilities for a couple of days. Unfortunately, her illness meant she was unable to give us the final installment in Doug Giles’ masterful trilogy – a three-part work exploring pastors and how they should become Right Wing operatives.

Not willing to let Doug fade into obscurity, I ignored my own obvious lack of qualifications and decided to give him the forum he deserves. So if you want to spend a special belated Sunday service with Doug, head on over to The Dark Window where he’ll be talking all about his “nads” and their strange relationship to God.

But while I have you here, let’s get back to S.Z. and her illness for a moment.

Never one to throw around unsubstantiated rumors, my goal here is simply to report the facts and then let you decide what the truth is (Just think of me as a really hot Fox News). So in the worthy tradition of Bill O’Reilly, I’d like to present you with a timeline of events that have recently transpired in our own warped little corner of the blogosphere:

(1) Amber Pawlik, living in Seb?s closet, gets mono.
(2) Seb leaves for vacation to an undisclosed location.
(3) S.Z., who lives in an undisclosed location, comes down with an unnamed illness.

Am I saying that S.Z. got mono from Amber via Seb? Of course not. That would be an irresponsible accusation.

But just in case it’s true, make sure you go visit her at World O’Crap and wish her well.

Important Update: S.Z. seems to have risen from her sickbed and is currently over at her blog having some kind of carnival with female Wingnuts. It’s all a bit confusing and she even promises a “Townhall Review” later. It’s possible that this “Review” will include some reference to Doug Giles. If this is the case, I recommend that you read her Doug Giles instead of mine. It’s bound to be the funny one.


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Ah, Pete M. I see what you’re doing here. You’re trying to throw us off the trail by accusing 2 people who are still currently missing. They cannot respond to these allegations and defend themselves. While I’ll allow that Amber is probably sick, I doubt the beautiful and dignified s.z. would come within 3 degrees of separation of her, therefore I find the whole transmission of germs doubtful.

I believe there are still some unanswered questions about the mysterious shutting down of S,N! over the weekend at the same time when s.z. first went missing. Sure she may be back now, but perhaps that’s because the real culprit in all of this started to get nervous and let her go.

Dammit Pete! I demand answers!


‘sigh’…while perusing, got the latest from Paul deParrie entitled “Lance Armstrong Loses Tour de Life”.
Seems Armstrong is a loser because he is selfish and God hates divorce.
Yep, God hates…..who knew?


Not willing to let Doug fade into obscurity, I ignored my own obvious lack of qualifications

What are the appropriate qualifications for dissecting the Doug Giles oeuvre? We now know that the formerly pseudonymous Atrios is Dr. Duncan B. Black, with a Ph.D. in Economics from Brown. Does S.Z. have a D.W.S. (Doctor of Wingnut Studies) degree or something?


1) Seb disappeared.
2) Amber disappeared.
3) S.Z. disappeared.

I think if we can determine who the link is between these three, and who is blaming the victims and making irresponsible accusations, then we’ll be able to figure out which guttersnipe is behind all this.


Hmmm… funny you use the term “guttersnipe.” I seem to remember that being used to describe a certain someone not so long ago…


maybe all 3 are the same person.


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