In Other News…

No More Mister Nice Blog has a very disturbing story about a Gothic Wing Nut. Being a fan of the dark side myself, I just have to say that if Dave Vanian were dead, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

Slacktivist has a hilarious new entry in his novel-length review of the first Left Behind book. If you haven’t been reading his series, you should be.

And finally, Oakland’s finest blogger tells us about a surprising choice to take over Jack Ryan’s Aborted Illinois Senate Campaign. Hint: It’s not Alan Keyes.


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dave vanian, like kissinger, hasn’t aged since the ’70s. i only note this.

Oneiros Dreaming

Re: RightGoths

Why are so many people (okay, like two) so willing to join a party that would just as soon see them burned at the stake?


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