Vox Day Explains Education

With the sounds of “loony loony loony” echoing in my head, I decided to head over to Vox Day’s blog. If you don’t know Vox, he’s a widely-celebrated World Net Daily columnist, an avid gun collector, and the Hans Zeiger of his generation.

After reading his latest entry about forced cliterectomies and the NEA, I can only conclude that he’s angling for the job of Education Secretary in a future Bush administration.

I happened to scan a few pages of a chick book the other day. It’s called Princess, and it purports to be the true story of a Saudi Arabian princess. I have to say, I was largely left cold by the plight of the poor oppressed rich girls, as with a few exceptions, the most horrific events of the book were the predictable and easily avoidable consequences of the young women’s actions.

The ever-sensitive Vox goes on to describe clitorectomies the girls are forced to endure and then draws a somewhat unusual parallel.

A disgusting practice, to be sure, and defended with an argument similar to that made by public school-educated parents who are planning to subject their children to the same education they experienced. The fact that these parents are as intellectually dead as the Saudi women are sensually crippled means that they are making their decisions on the false grounds of incomplete experience. In both cases, I think those who condemn their children to like fates have much for which to answer, as one’s own abuse, physical or intellectual, should inspire one to act to prevent the same from happening to the next generation instead of allowing the vicious cycle to be repeated.

Yeah…Education. Don’t let it happen to your kids.

When one understands that the teachers of the NEA are every bit as ignorant and prejudiced as the mutawas of Saudi Arabia, and that they serve much the same societal purpose, one soon discovers in oneself as little inclination to hand one’s children over to the former as to the latter.

So instead of trusting teachers, perhaps you should consider handing your children over to this man:

Vox Day, undated file photo


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Can’t take…eyes…off photo…head…so fucking…huge…


Hmmm… now let’s do a real-life case study: was George W. Bush “edjicated” in the public school system or in private schools?

Rarely is the question asked, is our private school students learning?


“Cliterectomies”? Surely you mean “clitorectomies.” The thing being removed is a clitoris, not a cliteris.

Hmmm… now let’s do a real-life case study: was George W. Bush “edjicated” in the public school system or in private schools?

Good point, glenstonecottage. I went to public grade school and high school, and somehow managed to graduate with high honors from college and go to Columbia Law School. Dubya couldn’t even get into the University of Texas Law School. And I’ve been a Mensa member (like Vox — hmm, not sure that’s a good thing); I am quite confident that Dubya would not be eligible for admission.


Why does this man have a woman’s beaver sprouting from his scalp?


1. perhaps the misspelling is due to a confusion with the right’s other obsessions, such as the Clenis™ “What’s that thing called again…a…clintonis? uh…hitleryectomy? or…”

2. i’d be more willing to believe that this young man is indeed the “Vox Dei” if he could, for instance, fucking spell in his own language, as i am tempted to assume the Deity can.


darn it! i guess a retraction is in order. i thought vox dei, uh, sorry, day misspelled clitorectomy. the man is obviously far more literate than i am…not to mention, well-groomed.

and i suppose he means “vox day” as a pun…oh how humorless am i the leftist…


Why does this man have a woman’s beaver sprouting from his scalp?

I’ll be damned, so that’s what a merkin looks like.


Vox is a big proponent of home-schooling. He wants genital mutilation to happen in the home. As a libertarian he believes that the government should not be participating in hacking off clits; it is a job for parents.


Not to be critical, but the term “clitorectomy” is not correct either. It’s “clitorodectomy.” As this term is kind of medical sounding and therefore carries a sort of veneer of respectability with it, as does ‘female circumcision,’ most people who are anti- the practice call it FGM (female genital mutilation) as being more truthful about what it represents. And Saudi Arabia does NOT practice it. None of the gulf societies do. I have read Princess and it is talking about their servants from Sudan or Egypt or somewhere here in Africa. It’s a pre-Islamic African practice still popular in Christian and Muslim African nations. In Egypt in spite of public ad campaigns and aid funding to get people to stop doing it, it’s still carried out on a majority of girls.


Thank you, Anna, for clearing that up. I was wondering if I was going to have to buy Princess just to figure out what the hell was going on. And yes, female genital mutilation is much more accurate than the other terms.


Not to be critical, but the term “clitorectomy” is not correct either. It’s “clitorodectomy.”

Same here re critical, but for the record, MW10th says both are acceptable variants. It’s “clitoridectomy,” incidentally. Is this one of those brit v american things?


After posting that, I thought to myself, wow, that’d be a great word to use for a tie breaker in a spelling bee.

And then I burst into laughter at the image of an unsuspecting fourth grader, say, being suddenly asked to spell it.


Not to be critical, but the term “clitorectomy” is not correct either. It’s “clitorodectomy.”

webster.com — http://tinyurl.com/5737q –lists “clitorectomy” as a variant of “clitoridectomy.” They don’t recognize “clitorodectomy,” although evidently others do.


Wow. I made a typo on a spelling correction. Slinking off now in shame. However the rest of the info in my post was correct. 🙂


Qutie right, Anna, you’re points are well taken, and I should have acknowleged that in my above coment. 🙂


Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference wether you like Vox Day or not.
He is dead on in his assessment of the State’s control over education.
Have you seen the absolute crap, children are being taught in school nowadays…
Best to educate your children yourselves or send them to private schools that excepts no government funding what so ever!


Miss a day??!!?? you miss a lot!

supporter of vox

I think Americans are tired of the TURD WORLD invasion that is being helped by our very vicious government….that only serves to steal our jobs…and the peace of this nation..

Well more than half of prison inmates…are these TURD WORLD people..

We want our country back….we want civility back…we want our heritage and culture back..

Is that so much to ask?

The gov..has trashed the constitution..and this present depression is only to serve the wealthy elites to buy up all our failing business..and properties.

if you knew anything about history…you would understand what is going on right now….but most have no clue…they are brainwashed by the media that is over 90% owned by the invaders..and the manipulators of our economy…

And in time..they will be kicked out…like they have in many other countries that they have trashed…

Its only a matter of time….we will be starving and poor..as has happened to so many other nations because of these corrupt people….and our nation will be filled with foreigners not here to be Americans..but to steal away their piece of our pie…

Read history…Try starting with the Bolshevik revolution…then perhaps..when you see who is in YOUR gov..you will understand what is happening to our country…and who is doing it…

Vox..probably already knows this…the problem is..YOU DONT..and you are listening to your Propaganda Handlers..like the sheep that most Americans have become..

After all..when the bad guys…own all the media..they can brainwash you into anything they wish….and they can hold information away from you if they wish..and they can slander anyone…like Vox..that they wish..

Vox is right..Your wrong…but you cant see it…because you have been blinded by the many lies of the media..which is owned by these invaders..


Oh..by the way…Nikita Khrushchev real name is Salomon Pearlmutter…a Jew..

Perhaps you all outta see whos running America these day..

Check out dual citizen Israelis to start with…

After you see…the truth…perhaps..you will be blogging right along the same lines as Vox..

I want my country back..Im tired of invasion after invasion…trashing my country..its heritage..and our people..

Sorry…but thats reality.



The democrats are filled with communists…..the Republicans
..with fascists….
Whats the damn difference….commies…fascists..they both steal away the freedom..and the wealth from the host nation..

We need to exile the parasites out of our government…our society…just like Putin did in 2006….He kicked out the Oligarchs…the foreigners…the crooked businessmen and bankSters…and took the country back..for the people…

Vox is right..we need to do that very same thing….like over 100 other nations have done time and time again…when the money changers came to their country and sucked the life right out of it..

Three cheers for Vox. You dont like him…becauseyour ignorant sheep.

Educate yourselves..and quit listening to the lies in the media..and the left wing bullshit.


More that content to let that remain the last word.


Dammit! “More than content, etc.”

I hate fucking up pith.


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