“All Too Believable”

The Wing Nuts have been dancing around furiously these past few days, shrieking about France’s overwhelming anti-Semitism (it must be true if Ariel Sharon says it!) and warning that the Euro-libs are welcoming waves of militant Islamists with open arms.

Arnaud de Borchgrave, international playboy and NewsMax columnist extraordinarie, decided the time was right to remind us all of a chilling incident that happened on the Paris RER earlier this month. His frightening new column is called Daily Terror Diet.

BERLIN ? The report of the 23-year-old French housewife who was riding a suburban commuter train with her 3-year-old child in a stroller when six North African youths (aged 15 to 20) advanced on her, knives drawn, is now being questioned as police discovered the woman’s troubled past.

He makes it sound an awful lot like the French police are still trying to gather evidence about the attackers of this unfortunate woman. Those North Africans must have been pretty sneaky to leave so few clues. Or maybe the French government doesn’t want them to be found…

The story she tells is that the youths shredded her T-shirt and pants, held her head down on the floor as she screamed “Help!” A score of other passengers looked on in silence, too frightened to intervene.

Well, obviously. The other passengers are French, after all.

Rifling through her pocketbook, one attacker found her ID and shouted, “She’s Jewish,” which she wasn’t.

Not only are the attackers anti-Semitic, they?re stupid, too. Looks like somebody could have benefited from the Bushman’s No Child Left Behind plan.

With a marker pen, they daubed her stomach with three Nazi swastikas, then fled for the exit at the next station, knocking over the stroller and spilling out the child. The conductor said his train on the “RER D” line was a mobile housing slum where the cops fear to tread.

Pretty scary story, huh? The magical Wing Nut elements are all there. The aggressive black guys who also happen to be Muslim. The cowardly French who won?t even protect a woman with a small child. The blatant anti-Semitism in the world?s most hate-filled country. The rising Islamic tide that will soon engulf Europe.

There?s just one small problem?

None of it?s true!

Being a true Blame-America-Firster (and also having family that lives along the D line), I watched both French and American coverage of this story pretty closely. As soon as the story broke on July 13th, it was all over the American conservative media. What most people in the US don?t realize is that only 24 hours later, there was a somewhat shocking follow-up. Needless to say, it never got much coverage amongst the Nuts.

Let?s go to T?l?France 1 for the part of the story you probably never heard at NewsMax. [Translations mine]

Questioned a second time by investigators Tuesday afternoon, the young woman who claimed she was attacked on the RER D has now confessed to inventing the whole thing.


After having first maintained to investigators that she had been assaulted outside the train, a police source said that she finally admitted that she made up the entire story of anti-Semtitc aggression. She confessed that she drew the swastikas on her own stomach with the aid of her boyfriend, who has also been placed under observation.

Arnie seems to know about this but he doesn’t mention it. Because if he did, well, that would kind of ruin his whole point, you know? And then he couldn’t finish his article about how the radical Islamofascists are taking over Europe, one housewife at a time. So instead, he simply says this:

True or not, the woman’s story was all too believable.

NewsMax in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen! Who cares if the story’s true as long as it supports their goofball ideas!

Arnaud de Borchgrave


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I once got mugged on the Metro in Paris. No violence though, because I capitulated to the demands of the terrorists/muggers and gave them 13 Francs. I probably made that decision because I had been in Spain for a few months and had adapted to their way of life which is obviously to appease. Of course it had nothing to do with any anti-Semitism or anything like that, just some poor street trash thugs.


This guy helps is “editor-at-large” at the Moonie Times and UPI? Not only has the woman confessed, she’s been tried and sentenced for making it up!

Well, I suppose it was only the top story on the BBC’s International News Page a few days ago, so we shouldn’t be too hard him. And his happy readers got their “terror diet”, anyway.


I didn’t know Tawana Brawley had moved to France


“Arnaud de Borchgrave is a child molester, necrophiliac, and dog-fucker.” True or not, that story is all too believable.


We are at war, people. Do you want brown people blowing you up? Nobody does. So we have to fight this war, and support it. And we have to hunker down and realize, though it may upset us, that there are casualties in war. Original metaphors are the first, but equally as important is Truth. War requires sacrifices. The greater good is at stake. Do you want brown people menacing you with knives? Nobody does. So we have to fight this war, and realize that sacrificing a little bit of truth here and there for sensationalism is acceptable. Just stop to think what might happen if that article never ran. Others might encounter brown people and not be afraid of them, or when it comes time to vote on disposing of them they might not vote the right way. Okay, so the truth got a little bent up here. Is that really a big deal? What are the alternatives, ask yourself that. Would you rather have 100% truth in this sort of article, or would you rather have a lesser percentage of truth but be safe from attack by brown people? I think the answer is obvious to any sane person. Yes, this reporter was wrong for masking the truth a little, but in the bigger picture, wasn’t he really right? Think of it this way: robin hood stole things. Stealing is wrong. But robin hood helped more people than he hurt as a result. With the gold and weapons he gave to the poor, the poor of England were able to successfully defend themselves against Moors and other of those types of people. So let’s not have a double standard here. Either robin hood is just as guilty as this guy, or this guy isn’t really that guilty.


Dorchgrave, that is wonderful. Do you know Stanton Carlisle, by any chance?


Like I’ve been saying, Seb is Stanton Carlisle.


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