A Short Thank You Note

I would very much like to thank everybody (minus Glenstonecottage, of course) for the warm welcome offered in yesterday’s comments section.

For the record, I have no idea what kinds of “scams” S.Z. is talking about but I do know that I certainly haven’t received any $5,000 check. Although Seb did tell me that if I don’t break anything while he’s gone, he’ll let me look in his closet when he gets back. He also told me that if I look in it before, he’ll break every one of my fingers so that I’ll never be able to blog again.

So yeah, I’ll probably be having a look as soon as I finish this post.

As far as Arsenal goes, Brad, I don’t even want to think about the Patrick Viera thing. Who would have thought a Frenchman could be so treacherous?

And Ivan…I appreciate the quote but I’m no Ruby Keeler. In fact, I think Cagney’s famous last line in White Heat is probably more appropriate. I doubt I’m the only one who foresees this guest-blogging adventure ending in like fashion.

For those of you who enjoy these kinds of apocalyptic conflagrations, I invite you over to the Dark Window to find out why believing in hell will vastly improve our national economy.


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What?! Now I’ve got to go over to that low-rent site?! Fine, I’ll go check it out, but I thought I was done there.


Latest is that Viera is staying at The Arse. Without him, they’re out of the Champions League in the first group stage, finish 4th in the Premiership and get bounced out of the FA Cup by Scunthorpe United.


i need a short thank you note


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