Yes Virginia, there IS an anti-Christ!

In case anyone needed something to be gay about this holiday season, we have just the right thing:

Reagan dime makes sense, backers say …

Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., introduced the legislation that would boot the Democratic architect of the New Deal in the Great Depression from all future 10-cent coins to make way for the conservative icon.

“It is particularly fitting to honor the Freedom President on this particular piece of coinage because, as has been pointed out, President Reagan was wounded under the left arm by a bullet that had ricocheted and flattened to the size of a dime,” Souder wrote to colleagues in rounding up support for his bill.


“FDR believed the federal government should spend your dimes. Ronald Reagan believed the people should spend their own [WTF?!?] dimes. I think it’s clear that the dimes in your pocket should bear Ronald Reagan’s image,” Gallegly said in a statement explaining his support of the bill.

Rep. Souder later added, it would also be a good idea to put Reagan on a yet to be created $1.4 trillion dollar bill, the amount of debt the 39th president managed to rack up during his two terms.

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Thanks for “dropping a dime” on this little piece of republican stupidity. Clearly the goal of the modern republican party is to remove all things FDR from public memory…

By the time it’s all over, they’ll have Hoover as the president who led us out of the Great Depression and succsessfully prosecuted WWII as C-in-C.

Jeebus. Revisionists indeed.


The Democratic members of the House launched a pre-Thanksgiving pre-emptive strike with their own resolution, H. CON. RES. 343, to keep FDR on the dime.

Go to and type “dime” in the search box to see the lame text in the Reagan bill, and the real accomplishments of a real president in the FDR bill.

But, make sure you read the Reagan text on an empty stomach…


It’s not as if we had any bills to spend under Reaganomics.


And you know, “dime bags” became all the rage under Reagan’s regime, so it’s only right that his face be on the dime instead of whatever non-Reagan is there currently.


Of course the Republicans don’t know or care that under law no living person may be pictured on US currency. Maybe they know something about Reagan that we don’t.


Reagan on the dime? I think I’d better get ready to move to Canada.


Reagan ran this country into the largest debt ever (give Bush a chance!). To place him face on any form of currency is ridiculous!! We have named an airport, federal building, etc after him, and he is not dead. I will never spend a dime for the rest of my life if his face appears on it. This is not about a stupid movie. It is about trying to make him a god.


Reagan dime – good idea. I can’t wait to deface as many as I can get my hands on. A swastika stamped into his face seems appropriate for the worst president the country had seen until the current lackey-for-the-rich was appointed president. GOP – the party of exploiters, polluters, racists and religious hypocrites.


fuck you ! Reagan got this country back on it’s feet after Carter’s pussy ass gave into Cuba, the UN, and denounced The United States.


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