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…and somewhat influential.

Excerpted from one of TBOGG’sAmerica’s Worst Mother” posts, more or less picked at random:

Life is back to normal for America’s Worst Mother™ and, for us, that means that Meghan (and the kids: Miasma, Pinot Noir, Gravitas, and Mersault) hit all of their marks[.]

The somewhat funny Bob Rybarczyk of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

My 10-year-old daughter, Gustavo, was uttering them. And if Gustavo (not her real name) says she thinks she’s going to throw up, well, that gets my attention.

Here’s why: in my house, we have two distinct gastro-intestinal tribes, the barfers and the non-barfers. Colette, her daughter Melon Ball (not her real name), and my younger daughter, Chi Chi (not her real name either), they’re the barfers.

[And again.]



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Heres to hoping AWM will soon shake the littlest Gurdling from her teat and go back to writing full time so TBogg can make fun of her some more.


next, on to the hilarious subject of burping and farting!


Wow, newspapers have fallen farther than I thought. Not that I (or anyone else apparently) bother to read them anymore, which seems to be the problem in a nutshell, doesn’t it? Judging from the content displayed here, I’m not missing much other than in-depth analysis of puking. Such erudition!


This all seems a cut above whatever Fred Hiatt has cooking.

P.S. Stringonastick, I have found a therapeutic use for the WaPo Online.


What the hell-ass kind of name for a girl is Gustavo? For FUCK’S SAKE.


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