Stupid Sadly, Be More Flashy!

Yes, today is Friday. No, once again there will not be a Flash Friday animation. That sucks you think? Sure it does — but what are you going to do about it? To keep you busy on this no Flash Friday however, the management is happy to offer the following links:

Pete M. from The Dark Window asks for your help in a very important project: sending Hans Zeiger to the GOP convention. So go over there now and follow the instructions!

G.A. Cerny has several interesting posts on the Berger affair (1, 2, and 3🙂

This is where it gets really strange. As I wrote yesterday, and as anyone at all familiar with the Archives’ procedures knows, you’re not allowed to bring in anything to carry documents, or any unchecked papers that might get confused with Archive documents. It absolutely amazes me that this basic restriction, which I have never seen broken in the public reading rooms, would be so casually violated in a secure room. I have no explanation; the only thing I can think of is that people with high security clearances do not face that restriction, though that makes no sense as policy.

And the All Spin Zone reminds you to be wary of people wearing X-Ray glasses.



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