Needless to say, the French Canadians are the worst

A few days ago, the incomparable World O’Crap told us about the recent FoxNews Fair & Balanced report on Canadian treachery:

From Bill O’Reilly’s latest column:

A recent poll taken in Canada says that 40% of Canadian teenagers believe the United States is an “evil” country. Among French-Canadian teens, the number rises to 64%. This, of course, is hard to believe, and must be laid right on the doorstep of the often viciously anti-American Canadian press as well as irresponsible educators supposedly teaching Canadian kids about the world.

Or, we can lay it to blame where it belongs: on vicious French-Canadians mocking our imminent doom while hiding out in Germany.

Which makes this column written by a fellow that conducted the poll in question very entertaining reading:

My descent into Fox News’s bizarre take on all things Canadian started with a mention on Matt Drudge’s website. The editors of the Drudge Report had posted the findings of a survey my organization had released in the final week of the federal election. When we asked 500 Canadian teens a series of questions in a telephone poll about our country’s role on the world stage, 40 per cent indicated that they agreed with the statement, “America is force for evil in the world.” […]

The first sign that the Drudge Report mention was whipping up a tempest in a teapot came in the form of a screed by arch Canada-baiter and top-rated Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly. I suspect his producers have Google news alerts set up with the key words “Canada,” “socialism,” “draft dodgers” and “anti-Americanism.” On his show, Mr. O’Reilly used the single survey statistic to let loose on Canada’s political leaders, the media and our “ignorant teens.” One of his choicer utterances included: “The truth is that the USA has freed more human beings in 230 years than the rest of the world combined. France has freed almost no one. Ditto Canada. . . . I object to the anti-American foreign press and bums like Chirac in France and Chr?tien in Canada.”

Sorry, but didn’t our Governor-General and President George W. Bush just commemorate the 60th anniversary of D-Day together in France? Last time I looked, we fought alongside the Americans in Korea, during the long grind of the Cold War and served with distinction in Bosnia and Afghanistan. And by the way, we have had a new Prime Minister for seven months and his name is Paul Martin. […]

In the ensuing 24 hours, my e-mail inbox was clogged with a strange m?lange of messages from Canada-hating O’Reilly fans and updates from friends on both sides of the border as to where our now “viral” poll was popping up in the U.S. media.

CNN’s Tucker Carlson of Crossfire fame offered what was a familiar anti-Canadian refrain in the continuing coverage of the poll result: “It’s time for America to get some self-respect. . . . Until Canadian attitudes change, there should be a moratorium on Canadian immigration to the United States. No one who says ‘aboot’ could come here.”

It is easy to write off Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson as blowhards or worse. [Yes, it sure is! –S,N!]


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At great personal sacrifice, hubby and I are embarking on a two-week Personal Investigatory Tour of Quebec (and Nova Scotia, while we’re at it). We will place our own cultural purity at risk in an attempt to plumb the depths of Canuckian infamy. Although I have been personally assaulted by 16 years of cultural elitist, ivory tower education, including a positively criminal number of hours French language and cultural indoctrination, I will of course stare blankly at anyone who presumes to speak to me in that shameful parlance. And special attention will be paid to the thought processes of a certain teenager who was BORN IN FRANCE!

Throughout the provinces we will assess the threat level to American supremacy at provincial parks, campgrounds and historic sites. Our full report will be made available to the patriots at Faux News and other critical defenders of Freedom(TM) and Democracy(SM).

Courage is action in the face of fear. Pray for us.


Hey, at least he’s realized Brian Mulroney is no longer our prime minister.


And the only time I say “aboot” is when I’m discussing planting “aboot” up Bill O’Reilly’s ass.


And Tuckah thinks these Canehdyins are the only ones to say ‘aboot’? Wot’s ‘e onaboot? Haddaway!

(FYI, that’s just been delivered in an approximation of Tyneside Geordie dialect.)


What a lot of people forget, is that most American teenagers can’t even find their own state on a map, so don’t worry about them knowing where Canada is. Plus, since most older Americans were teenagers at one time, I think Canada is safe from an invasion of Faux News-outraged Americans.


If it weren’t for the French at Yorktown and other places–in addition to their support via money and arms–the US would have tea at 4:00, watch the real football, not that NFL shite, bow to the Queen and so forth.

So, yeah, get stuffed O’Lielly.


Since I’m an American who is currently writing on Canadian history, does that mean I’m eligible for explusion?

If so, Vancouver’s not that far away….


US would have tea at 4:00, watch the real football, not that NFL shite, bow to the Queen and so forth.

It’s kinda ironic that I’m wearing a Real Madrid jersey as I type this, but I do need to point out that Canadians don’t play “real football”, either. They’ve got that CFL shite.


My great-grandmother says “aboot”, and she’s not close to being Canadian – she’s from Richmond, Virginia. They all say “aboot” there. And Virginia is a state. In the United States. Not Canada.

And if Tucker Carlson thinks he can take my Great Granny, he’s got a nasty surprise coming in the form of a rapidly-swung cane.



haha, good thing we don’t give a rats ass about your opinion. we don’t even bother to take polls about canada, because your existance is hardly recognized. in fact, i think this is the first time i’ve ever mentioned the awful word “canada”. if we were to take a poll in the usa, which we wont, because we dont care about you, i dont think you would find 60% of americans in favor of canada, as you have found that 60% of canadians are in love with the good ole usa.

as for french canadians, we don’t even let french people in our country, so no wonder they are mad.


I have several cousins in the US. Most in Mass. and Rhode Is.

I feel the same arrogance in them as I feel about most Americans.
The rest of the world thinks the same.


It’s funny how those canadian haters wrote all that shit back in 2004…it has been 6 years…Now whoever reads my comment shall laugh at all those american morons, cause they’ve dug their hole much further deep since 2004 already!
and username AmericansOnPatrol writes like a smart person, but acts like a fucking idiot. thats as smart as an american get I guess.


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