When I say would, I mean probably not

The Christian Broadcasting Network has some scary news:

Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe are Worse than You Think

The article consists of an interview with Jed Babbin, who is introduced thusly:

LEE WEBB: Our guest today said that the United Nations openly cooperates with terrorists. It has become a tool for rogue nations. He claims if presidential candidate John Kerry has his way, U.S. Foreign policy will be dictated by Third World bureaucrats in the UN.

Which likely explains why later on the show this exchange takes place:

WEBB: Would John Kerry really give other countries in the UN control of U.S. foreign policy?

BABBIN: Well, I don’t know if Mr. Kerry would, or actually could, given the Congress he’s likely to inherit, if, in fact, he’s elected.

Wow, thanks for coming on the show.



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