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So old its new again!

Arky - Cthulhusexual

Led Zepplin AND Kittens AND Vikings?

My cup runneth over.


As happy as I am to see myself credited here on the pages of Sadly, No!!, gbear posted that link first (today, anyways).

Here’s another. Nostalgia, it’s just another word for another drink to have.


O mighty Tancredo, save us! How do you say “reconquista” in Norwegian, anyway?


AHHHHH! Immigint kittinZ!!11oseventeen111!


I first found it thru Cute Overload about a year ago. I should be embarassed to admit that, shouldn’t I? I still laugh everytime I watch it.


Anchor kittens!!!!!

Hide under the bed with all the other Values Voters!!!!


gbear said,

December 7, 2007 at 23:11

I first found it thru Cute Overload about a year ago. I should be embarassed to admit that, shouldn’t I? I still laugh everytime I watch it.

Back in 2003, I didn’t even know there was a thing called a blog. But there was a ThreeM massage board.

And btw, do click on the 2nd linkie!

Tim (the other one)

Til this day I never knew the lyrics. It was more of the total Zep “vibe” that mattered.

Those are some pompous lyrics, but the kittens take the edge off.


Loved the mondegreens.

I think it was Cyrus McCormick who invented the “threshing oar.”


Nostalgia, it’s just another word for another drink to have.
Do you have a recipe?
Death before dishonour… Beer before breakfast… The motto of my clan.


Techno Viking approves! And dances calypso!


Again? Hell, I gave this to Cookie Jill two years ago!


I just snort laughed Oatmeal Stout all over myself.


All it is missing is some beekeepers.


Til this day I never knew the lyrics.

Same here Other Tim. I thought they were going to a western show.

I also just found out yesterday on TBogg’s old site that the first line of Magic Bus isn’t “Everyday I get confused”. I’m still reeling.

To live is to learn.


Again? Hell, I gave this to Cookie Jill two years ago!

Yep. It’s pretty old.


I first found it thru Cute Overload about a year ago. I should be embarassed to admit that, shouldn’t I?

Heavens, no – I read CO all the time, especially now that TBogg’s moved there.


Visit Viking Santa:
Santa was a berserker! That is the answer to so many questions that I didn’t realise I had until now.


Now they need have the kittens do Olaf the Russian’s song from Clerks:

My love for you is like a truck, BERSERKER!!!
Would you like some making fuck, BERSERKER!!!

My love for you is ticking clock, BERSERKER!!!
Would you like to suck my cock, BERSERKER!!!

That’s beautiful, man…


Oh joy. Is Viking Kitten soft toy. Is what Sonja Skallabimsdattir needs for Baldurmas present.


I was on the edge of my seat about that first line of “Magic Bus,” so I looked it up.

Every day I get in the queue

Wow! I also thought it was “every day I get confused.” I think it makes sense in the context of the song.

‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy.


Sharif don’t like it
Rocks in the cat’s box
Rocks in the cat’s box


The girl with colitis goes by


Don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely teh awesome. But did you look at any of the other videos that magnificently deranged bastard created? For sheer mindbending awesomeness, viking kittens can’t hold a candle to this or, Gawd forbid, this.


Wrapped up like a douche
Another roller in the night


Oh, that is good. Viking kittens FTW, but it is better to never actually know the lyrics to Zepplin songs.


These are also (appropriately enough) rather good:

Gay Bar, although it’s still a close second to the Bush/Blair remix

Independent Women, with a Liverpudian skiffle twist to it, by Elbow.

Try it, you’ll like it!


Viking kittens are teh awesome, but also worth looking at from the same guy:

A little East German callback

Destiny’s Child, but better. Much better!

Hungry for Quiznos?


For sheer mindbending awesomeness, viking kittens can’t hold a candle to this…

Well there’s a perfectly logical reason that we brought in viking kittens: Mehitabel the Abyssinian needed convincing that kitty armour was cool. Make sense now?

I agree that all the other videos by that guy that are posted here are astounding. I’ve been watching and laughing for the last 20 minutes. Thanks.


This following neither work safe, nor people under the influence of mind-altering drugs safe.

But you won’t have to read Led Zep lyrics.

Mehitabel Blood-Axe

OK, i iz convinsd. iz not berserker kitteh.


Gonads and Strife!


They go together like a horse and carriage…


Sadly No is death to hamsters every where!


gumby’s in, gumby’s in, gumby’s in to talk

fucking michael stipe mumbler.

kats r kute

do you remember when REM didn’t suck?

this has been your random silliness for the day.

if anyone wants a signed catalog of my wife’s bear photos, order one here http://www.manipulator.com under the publications tab. if you put sadly! no in the body of the e-mail you will be charged 5$ off unless you are gary ruppert. if, for some terrible reason, you ARE gary ruppert you have to pay 1 gillion dollars.


before the mondragon portion of this thread goes entirely away, I chuckled wryly at one of the posts on a favorite music BitTorrent site not long ago, coincidentally a Led Zep bootleg that the poster called “To Be A Rock And Not A Roll”.

tee hee.


So much goodness there… The beer beer beer song has filled me with a craving for Fuller’s ESB that cannot be assuaged. No songs about trebuchets, alas, but I will settle for their demonstration of how to weaponise a big-arsed bunny.

How do you say “reconquista” in Norwegian, anyway?


I’m beginning to like cats (and those song lyrics must be an embarrassment to LZ…gah!)


Beware, my fellow Sadly, No!sians!

Satan walks amongst us.

Yea, verily he comments upon our threads, reads our thoughts, and commandest(s?) us to supplicate ourselves to the Great Orange One, his representative on earth.


That was damn near the top of the funniest shit I have ever seen.

And don’t any of you dare hassle the Almighty Zeppelin, who happened to be the first concert I attended (1977), and to this day still rules above all other so-called, “bands.”

Some bands are admittedly close.

Goddamn that was funny. You folks are truly geniuses.

Oh! I almost forgot! Led Zep is having themselves a concert this month, I think. I told my nephew I would get us tickets, and then laughed when he earnestly said, “Really?”

At their peak, I still say the best rock ‘n roll band with diversity, which is very important, dontcha know, to this day.

I once dated a much younger (10 years) woman who wasn’t all that familar with Led Zeppelin, and I stuck in the DVD one night, and she said two things which make me howl to this day:

“I have to admit, Robert Plant really had it going on.”

And, “Jesus, does someone I know have a man-crush on Jimmy Page?”

Meekly, yes.



Oh, excuse me, I wasn’t watching where I was going.


Satan, word has it that you and Jimmy have, well, how should I put this?, an intimate relationship.

Can you elaborate or clarify?


See what I mean? Fuckin satan. So rude.

P.S. John O., back in high school (i.e. the early 70’s) I used to explain to my friends (the ones who could actually play musical instruments, like guitars) why Led Zeppelin was actually better than the Beetles, the Stones, etc.

Later on, of course, I became a punk rock fan. But I still heart the Zep.


Oh my gentle Jesus, that was the funniest goddamned thing ever.


Look John, I won’t say anything about that and you don’t have to explain why you were dating a 10 year old woman.


I get it, ittdgy.

I think the Beatles will be the Mozart and Bach and Beethoven of the 23rd centuries, but I still think Zep was musically and technically better, even though the Beatles were pure fucking genius when it came to popularity and impact.

I love the Beatles a lot, too.

And again, fuck off! I think Green Day kicks major ass!

They’re current, right?



C’mon, Satan, you’re viciously misrepresenting me.

She was 10 years younger than me. And I was 40. So c’mon, if anyone should know this stuff, it’s you.


The Who was–were–stupid subject/verb agreement!–a better band than Led Zeppelin.


Love The Who, too.

My Mom was playing Tommy when I was 11 years old.

Equally cool, but Pete was just not quite the technical genius Jimmy was. All else is equal.

I bought my 15 year old nephew both the Zep and The Kids Are Allright DVD’s, along with a book that tries to document the greatest athletes ever by number. A coffee-table style book.

I love The Who, too.


And, btw, I have an uncle who saw The Who in the Rand Roller Rink, circa 1965, before anyone here knew who they were, and he said it rocked.

I have one kick-ass family.


Boston was the best band of the ’70s, and anybody who thinks otherwise probably has some musical knowledge or expertise. But they are still in heavy rotation at chez mikey…



Zep vs The Who. Hmmm. I had a man-crush on both of their drummers, and I’d say the bands are not the same but of equal stature.


OT, but the reports are in. Pamela/Atlas has gone MSM. Not super MSM, but MSM.

Well shucks, I sure am glad I am welcome to comment here, because I didn’t even get an email about this one! Where will my tears end! Oh, the sadness and the ostracism….it’s just such a shame that I can, well, completely handle it all.


Boston? Oh, oh, mikey, I am heartbroken. I considered you worthy of GREAT respect until this Boston shit.

Of course, that first album kicked major ass…



All right, satan, not a bad dodge. I tend to agree with you, on the Meta-level.

I’m just concerned about satan dodging, now.


Boston had the most awesome airbrushed album covers, though! Oh…wait. That’s ELO. My bad.


The Who was one of my favorites too. I saw them on their tour for the Who’s Next record when they first tried working with tapes. It was a bit of a mess. I think they were completely hammered and thinking ‘it’s only some fucking midwestern shithole (Minneapolis). It was still an amazing show, lol. I forgot my glasses so most of my recollections are fuzzy.


I had more sex with total strangers in the seventies with Boston providing the soundtrack and Quaaludes providing the buzz than most of you youngsters with your “drugs are bad” and your “sex will kill you” than you can ever even imagine. You talk about empowered?

Hah! I laugh at your empowerment. We lived in the perfect moment.

Um, we were just too tragically dysfunctional to realize it at the time.

But the memories! They are spectacular.

At least the ones I can remember…



Heck with you guys, I’m off to check out Pam. I see possibilities…


‘More Than A Feeling’ indeed.


Wow, Lex. Did you see the comments to Pamela’s op-ed piece? Scary.


mikey, I am from a family of an aunt who was born 1 month before me, an uncle who is a year and a a half older, and another uncle who is two years YOUNGER.

Their older siblings, my “normal” aunts and uncles, really turned me on to the times of the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

But you had to be digging deep to have to go with Boston. Though, as I said earlier, that first one was gold. 🙂


Oh, actually that Who show was at a big hockey arena in Bloomington. The Mall of Fucking America and an Ikea store are on that site now.


In high school, I thought the Who were one of the greatest bands of all time, and likely the greatest band that was still together. I had a friend who thought the same of Led Zeppelin. (They were both incarnate at the time). Another friend thought the Beatles were the greatest ever, but he went back and forth about what the best still-around band was. We would have spirited discussions. Spirited, but respectful. An acquaintance of the Beatles fan would sometimes hang out with us. One day, as we were once again re-visiting the unanswerable question of rock supremacy, the acquaintance said, “The greatest band of all time is Styx.” The Led Zep guy did the most magnificent spit-take I have ever seen, and began coughing and gasping as Coke dribbled out of his nose. Styx! Honest to god. This guy thought that if Led Zeppelin practiced REAL hard, and maybe got a keyboard player, that they might one day be good enough to open for Styx.


This guy thought that if Led Zeppelin practiced REAL hard, and maybe got a keyboard player, that they might one day be good enough to open for Styx.

Well, sure they could. But they’d need a singer like Gerry Rafferty….



Styx played at one of my uncles’ H.S. prom.

‘Nuff said.

(Confession: I liked a few of their earlier songs, not the least “Lady.” Which I know qualifies me for execution.)

But Styx equals The Who or Zeppelin? That’s just super-retarded.


Oh not–not equals. Better than.


Another concert story about a triple bill in St Paul. If you can believe:
Styx/The Average White Band/Frank Zappa. (!) circa 1976.

Styx had all kinds of audio tricks that they used in their live show, and at this concert they were all breaking down. You couldn’t really tell from the sound, but they’d all look at each other like ‘what the fuck’. They were definitely having a Spinal Tap evening. After about three songs, they say ‘We can’t tolerate all the technical problems! Good night!’ and ran off the stage, while the concert promoters run onto the stage and start jiving before anyone can go ‘Huh?’ The Average White Band was actually pretty good. Zappa’s bass player had broken his hand earlier on the tour, so he had a musical scale taped to his amp while and he pointed at notes while a substitute bass player frantically tried to keep pace. It was a weird night.
An equally bizarre triple bill from the same period was Uriah Heep/The Buddy Miles Express/Deep Purple. I LOVED Deep Purple live.


why Led Zeppelin was actually better than the Beetles

Excuse me? If you can’t even spell their name correctly, it says more about you than your alleged taste in music, thunder boy.

mikey: I always liked Boston, too. And my 25-year-old son and his way-hip buds also heart Boston. Perhaps in a quasi-ironic way, but still. They love Boston and Journey. Go figger.


I saw Styx open for Bad Company back in the 70s. Or maybe it was ZZTop, before ZZTop disappeared and reappeared, thanks to MTV. In either case, Styx was the opening bad (it was early 70s).

P.S. I NEVER saw Led Zep in concert (*sniff*). I did see The Who in New Haven, circa 78ish. And they were maybe the best concert I ever saw. Or else it was the Talking Heads at the Hartford Civic center back in those days, and they were also the best concert eve4!

And I’m forgetting all the times I saw the Grateful Dead, every single one of which was the best concert ever.

Collage. It was better than I thought, at the time.



Stevie Wonder as warm-up act for the Rolling Stones, 1972; ticket price: $12.50. I’ve got the stub to prove it.


I met the guys in Styx a few years later. They were having an after concert dinner at a hotel where a band in which I was drumming was playing. They were pretty pompous. They’d look at you out of the corners of their eyes rather than turn to talk with you. I made the mistake of bringing up the St Paul show, heheh. They said it was because of rented equipment.


[…] Viking Kittens I want a Viking Kitten. Please, won’t someone get me a Viking Kitten? While over there, go watch a video about beer, improvised explosive ducks, umm, or go to the related Viking Kitten song (via Sadly No!). […]


“Styx was the opening bad ”

How’s my miss spelling there, MzNicky?


Best concert I ever saw was The Who.
2nd best was Sammy Davis Jr.
3rd I guess was Green Day.


MzNicky, I bet that was a great show! I lost all my ticket stubs somewhere along the way. I do have a whole ticket for The Cure playing at First Avenue in Minneapolis 10/7/84. A friend gave me two comps an hour before the show.


ittdgy: I’ve been castigated for my pedantry so often that I don’t correct the misspellings of like-minded good guys anymore. I save that for the trolls and other assorted deserving dumbasses. I’ve been known to occasionally make the grammatical error/typo myself, including splitting my infinitives.

I loves ya dude. I just worship teh Beatles, and I’m drinking scotch tonite.


gbear: I was a newlywed and we were doing mescaline. It was to die for. We scraped and saved for that $25 too, let me tell ya. Ah, back in the day. We also enjoyed James Gang and Jethro Tull for next to nothin’, although it was a fortune to us at the time. We were on the third row once for Tull, and I had the privilege of having the hurled saliva from Ian Anderson’s flute hit me in the face. Good times.


You must have not washed your face for weeks after that honor. I saw James Gang in 1970 at the MN State Fair teen center. Very good show, and free. I took a girl to the show and we held hands. I was still hoping I wasn’t gay. I saw Jethro Tull once but it was after the lineup had changed. I wish I could have seen them with Clive Bunker and Glenn Cornick (sp).


J–well, the head-shot is pretty hot, you’ve gotta admit. Nice pic. And after all, had I not been defending Pamela as a friend, I never would’ve found Sadly, No. After all, it pretty much was people talking about her boobs that led me here. I felt guilty for a long time liking a site that kept bashing a friend, but it’s not like anyone online really sees the Pamela I ever saw, or more people would like her. Or would have.

Too hyper-focused now though. Just such a different person. We’re not even in contact anymore. It all just makes me sad. As sad as my snarky little self can get, I guess. It just kills me to see certain associations. Follow the trail through the links to these blogs and you can end up at some scary places. I, OTOH, followed Google links to Pamela and found this site among others, and I hadn’t been able to write about Islam negatively for too long anyways to have it affect anything else I was doing. Never had written positively about Bush either, so oh well.


Most of it’s disappeared in the mists, but I did this righteous mecaline at the Peer Inn on the docks in San Francisco and went to see Bob Seger at the Colosseum. We got to our (nosebleed) seats, and I vomited this nasty little pile of thick tar, and then BANG all the sparkles kicked in. We went down and found third row seats empty.

Nine Tonight, baby..



Were any of you all around in Santa Monica during the 70’s and saw bands at the Civic Auditorium?

Just curious.


Mikey, that thick tar can wreak havoc when it hits the city water supply.

Smiling Mortician

Bob Seger? Oh man. I grew up in Michigan. We breathed Seger. Hush up about Nugent, though, ‘k? We’ll own Seger, we’ll even fess up to Grand Funk Railroad, but the line must be drawn somewhere.


I worked as a tech during the 70’s and – oh, hell, all the way up to 1999 when I hung up my crescent wrench and went into management.

But I worked in NYC in the 70’s, and then later in the Pacific Northwest. If you worked at the major venues, you ended up working most of the big tours. I’ve worked some incredible shows, but the funny thing is, when you’re working, you’re always a little detached, and focused on what you have to do, even if you’re really digging the music.

In the long run, you tend to remember other things than the abso-fucking-lutely great encore – you remember what an asshole the Clare Brothers roadie was, or what a bitch the lighting truck was to load, or how great the swag leftover in the dressing room was.

The experience of actually paying for a ticket and being a member of the audience is not a familiar one to me.


Smiling Mortician, Did you see a band called The Rationals? They’re somewhat legendary in collector’s circles. I’ve got a record called Michigan Rocks that’s pretty cool. Came out in 1977.


g, yea it’s so much different when you’re working, even as a band member. Your primary memories are of the bottle spiraling towards your guitarist at Club Foot in Texas, or what a jerk a club owner was. Being a drummer was cool cause you got to watch the whole thing unfold from behind the band. You’re definitely a ‘fly on the wall’ some nights.


You’re a drummer? Oh dear. You know how to tell whether the drum riser is level, right?


I am really enjoying these blasts from the past. Fond memories, it isn’t hard to tell.

Worst show ever? Jethro Tull. Though I really appreciated Ian’s skill on the flute, the mofos played all of three songs I was familiar with, and I went in thinking I knew everything they had done.

Genesis was a similar deal, though not because of unfamiliarity, because I didn’t think the music was all that fun. It made me a downright heretic of the times.

Pink Floyd did a great show when I finally got to see them late in their lives. Springsteen did the greatest pure-fun-no-flash show I had ever seen to date, and I was lucky enough to catch him before anyone else knew who he was, circa maybe ’79.

Never been backstage. I guess that makes me uncool, or unconnected, but I sure have had me some fun at concerts.

Gonna see Poi Dog Pondering on NYE, in a very small place. Heard they’re great fun in that sized venue.


You know how to tell whether the drum riser is level, right?

Back in those days I had a hard enough time telling whether I was level or not. I’m dying to hear the answer though…


John O, I never felt comfortable backstage (when there even was a backstage). It was often boring or cliquish. More fun to be out running around in the bar. My most enjoyable two concerts to be in the audience were at First Avenue in Mpls: The (English) Beat and King Crimson w/ Adrian Belew. Never saw Prince play there though.


Best show: three-way tie between Fishbone (1990 or 1991), Fela (1991), and Cesaria Evora (2001).

Worst show: two-way tie between the New Zealand Accordion Orchestra (mid 1980s) and Gwar (mid 1990s).


Wow, you saw King Crimson back in the day? I’ve always been fond of the Wetton era albums, myself. Even friends 7 years older than I am shame me half to death about the shows they got to see though when I was just a wee one.

One of my earliest memories, admittedly, is of my parents coming home and talking with the babysitter about the Zeppelin show they’d just been to. I couldn’t understand why they were acting so funny…lol….I still have that concert shirt.

And nope, I’m not trying to make anyone feel old. That’s pretty damned cool some of you all being that into the music scene for so long. Believe it or not, I went to college with a guy who had played on the Frampton Comes Alive album. He finally came back to KU to get a degree and was playing bass with a jazz group, but we all made him sign that Frampton record….LOL.


J–thumbs down on GWAR? They got a little raggedy, but they were still fun.

Best for me in terms of performance was still Mr. Bungle on their last tour. Ween in terms of being backstage one time, the other time because the one Ween guy was so trashed he was trying to dance and hit this guy on banjo who was about 67 years old upside the head and then felt SOO bad about it he was practically in tears.

Worst for me, The Swans one tour where they just decided to stop playing after about a half hour. Tad once too, because I was up at the stage and he kept threatening to jump. Getting landed on by Tad was just fucking scary. Oh, and Soul Coughing the 2nd time because the sampler player afterwards tried to lick my armpits. WTF? I was that stupid to think that I wouldn’t be seen as a would-be groupie, but he didn’t get any that night. Wasted all his time only to have me refuse his, um, unusual advances. Never ever went backstage after that unless I knew the promoters.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t always enjoy Nashville Pussy and one of their female players breathing fire and shit though.


Raggedy I would not have minded, and fun was what I was expecting. But they clearly didn’t want to be there that night and it showed from the first song. The sound was awful, it looked like the members were just going through the motions, and the audience, feeling they were getting ripped off, got antagonistic. They got antagonistic right back. The show got cut short: Gwar unloaded all their colored water on the crowd in one massive blast and bailed.


Thanks, gbear.

I always figured as much, but rubbing your elbows with legend is theoretically fun. But I believe you implictly, because I’m an old man now, and in awe of nobody.

Saw A. Belew once. Amazing.

Lex, the Zeppelin was one seriously good show. You have clearly good parents.


Lex, guys who lick your armpits rarely respect you in the morning so I think you made a wise choice. Armpit licking was never in the backstage hazing routines of any musicians I knew, but then we all had day jobs.


You got jumped on by Tad?

I’m impressed. That’s pretty serious. I did some shows with Tad, he’s a…..imposing figure.

I wasn’t backstage a whole lot because I was usually in the booth or up on the truss running a spotlight. The jobs backstage were usually taken by guys with more seniority, and, frankly, I preferred being up on a light since there was no one to bother me and I was a pretty damn good light operator.

Then in the early 90’s I stage managed some shows, and I did spend more time on the stage, but mostly I was focused on the barricade and the security guys, because we had to maintain some rules to keep the cops from shutting our shows down.

Now I just do the contracts. Oh well.


gbear, the drum riser joke is a cruel one demeaning to drummers and I should never have mentioned it. In my defense, it was told to me by a bass player.


rubbing your elbows with legends is theoretically fun.

Mostly, the ‘legends’ are out in their tour busses until it’s time to come on. You never even see them if your the opening band. Like g says, if you’re not in the audience you’re probably in a working situation and it’s not all that glamourous. Spinal Tap is so funny to musicians because it captures a lot of what being in a band is like on a day to day basis.


so here’s where everybody’s at.


g- let ‘er rip. Nobody else gets spared here. I haven’t heard it.


so here’s where everybody’s at.

nobody here but us chopped liver. It’s -1 degrees in St Paul right now so I stayed in for the evening.


duh. I missed the ‘here’. sorry baba. brain’s getting cold


-1 Freedom degrees (not commie degrees I assume). eek.

I’m sitting here in boat on SF Bay with a single heater running and cold feet, and the water is 54. Cold brain seems entirely understandable.

First time in the comments here. Fun.


Yep, freedom degrees. I try to get out to SF for a week every February. I have friends I can stay with and it’s a needed break from winter. 54 sounds nice.


A break to SF sounds like the thing. I once took one to Prudhoe Bay in January for shits and giggles. But then I’m stupid that way.

Still haven’t done the kennel registration. Every time I start I just can’t bring myself to. Even Charlie Pierce gave the new place a plug at Altercation today.


gotta go out for food. I’m starvin’. later gbear.


(turns lights off)


if we’re having a rathergoodfest, i would like to present looking for my leopard for the consideration of the committee. it’s pretty excellent.


I love spongmonkeys!


I’ve seen Led Zeppelin, Sonny and Cher, Asleep at the Wheel, Frank Zappa, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Mahogany Rush, Gary Wright, Willie Nelson, Peter Frampton, Beck, the Who, KISS, Stray Cats, The Firm, Genesis, Aerosmith, Kansas, Foghat for chrissakes, Jethro Tull, Head East, Ted Nugent, Grateful Dead, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, the Jacksons (with Tito), Genesis, Elecric Light Orchestra, Eric Johnson, Bad Company, Blue Oyster Cult, Bush, Page and Plant, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Leon Russell, Fleetwood Mac, Black Oak Arkansas, ZZ Top, and some others I can’t recall off the top of my head. Oh, and Huey Lewis and the News.

Immediately before, during, and/or after these concerts I’ve taken, smoked, snorted, or drank Jack Daniels, Placydils (Rehnquist Strength), Peach Schnapps, Oaxacan, Mateus, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Coors, Bud, yada yada about every beer ever made, Grand Marnier, Quaaludes, Ketamine, reds, nitrous oxide, Valium, Columbian, Sensimilla, hash, opium, tequila, rum, whiskey, scotch, brandy, apertifs, box wines, chardonnays, merlots, Boone’s Farm, Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie, ditch weed, homegrown, cocaine, bennies, Advil, Tuinol, mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, peyote, white cross, codeine, Vicodin, PCP, and who knows what else.

As a result of the above activities I now have no money, male pattern baldness, a 1990 Chevy Cavalier, and a dismal outlook for the future.

The last concert I went to was last month at the AmeriStar Casino in Kansas City, Missouri. Zappa Plays Zappa. Amazing musicians. I think their tour’s finished now but go see them next year if they come to your town.


Lex, guys who lick your armpits rarely respect you in the morning so I think you made a wise choice.
We have a temporary foster cat who does that… seems to affect her worse than catnip. Only to me, though; female human pheromones don’t seem to have the same appeal. Fortunately she goes back to the animal shelter next week to find herself a permanent home.
It’s probably not a good feature in drummers either.


I’m, like, really young, I guess.

Best concerts I’ve ever seen?

Um….’91, Clash of the Titans tour. Slayer/Anthrax/Megadeth, Alpine Valley. Only thing bad was someone whacked Dave Mustaine with a HUGE chunk of sod and he cut his set short.

Lessee….Dylan on the Dignity tour. Memorable because a bunch of Hell’s Angels were two rows in front of us celebrating an initiate getting his patch.

Last? Joe Satriani this year, for his 20th Anniversary of Surfing With The Alien‘s release. Just. Fucking. Tremendous.


Same Led Zep song, but this is Mitch Benn’s ode to IKEA. In WoW. (It’s the third video down)

Best concert? Parliament/Funkadelic at the Bristol Hippodrome (the platform boots! the spaceship!), Ella Fitzgerald at the Kool Jazz festival, Lou Reed at the Hammersmith Apollo. Stevie Wonder’s MLK birthday concert at the Omni in Atlanta was pretty damn good too.

Yes, Joel Vietch’s viking kittens rock, but it’s not new.. anyhow, I’m off to look for my leopard, lalalalalala.

I love the moon, it’s bigger than a spoon.

Qetesh the Qaveat Qat

For some Jimmy before Zep, check out The Yardbirds, here performing For Your Love, Dazed and Confused, and Shapes of Things. Young Jimmy is kinda cute, and already a guitar god.

Concerts: Alice Cooper, in full Nightmare phase, Beach Boys, David Bowie (twice). Couple of others that slip my mind. Alas, living down here in Bumfuck Nowhere as I do, sod-all performers make the trip to grace us with their presence.

My leopard’s navigation skills are totally crap. His clawing-things-into-bloody-fragments skills are, however, quite respectable.


I thought Page was adorable for years, Qetesh, and still have just about everything he did on vinyl, even some bootlegs. Took me a while to realize his penchant for teenaged girls was a bit…unnatural. My friend’s mum (a former stripper) used to go for fish and chips with Plant and Page, but never boinked them because “they had awful teeth.” I saw Page with The Firm twice in NOLA; great shows, I thought.

Saw Bowie twice – the farewell to Ziggy tour, and the one with Trent Reznor. Both were brilliant; I was front row for Ziggy, and he touched my hand. *swoon* My first concert was Styx, though I went to see Pat Traverse, who was the headliner. Fell asleep for that one. Saw every major band, and most of the minors, thru the 80s and 90s, gotta say the Femmes and Iggy Pop in the smaller venues were the most fun.

Last concerts: Gogal Bordello at Bumbershoot and Clumsy Lovers at the Tractor. Funny how in the olden days we used to hold lighters above our heads, and now the kids hold up their cell phones.


Due to a strict upbringing I’ve only attended three stadium concerts (one with my Mom). But the first was the Live Aid at Wembley Stadium (1985?) concert so it makes up for everything I missed.


Oh no, not jumped on by Tad, he just kept running at the crowd like he would jump. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen at a show, oddly enough. I think I saw just about everyone. I just was such a little scenester in the 90s in Lawrence, Ks. It was hard not to see everyone. I would see people and end up with the promoters at the hotels and hardly even know who they all were. Once got roped into a pool game with a bunch of the guys touring with Cibo Matto many hours before the show, and told one of the guys on the other team, the one who spoke the best English, that he looked like a Japanese version of John Lennon. After loads of laughter, I found out that it was John Lennon’s son Sean and that he’d been getting swarmed every time he’d left the bar. I don’t really embarrass, and he seemed to be happy that I didn’t want a sample of his hair or something, so it was all OK.

I saw everyone though it seems. The backdrop of my life in Lawrence. My parents were great. My Mom was a guitar teacher, so I grew up in a studio early on and was the one in charge of tuning guitars due to my savant-ness. She was more into the Allman Bros. and Dire Straights, that sort of thing though. My Dad was the one who made sure I learned about the early punk/alt sort of scene. He loved U2 early on and lost of the New York scene. Even older he used to go see bands at the Viper Room when in LA on business. My Dad rocked. Then he got a brain tumor and died. Whaddya do, eh?

But yep, Zeppelin 77 when I was 3. Funny thing was, my Mom didn’t smoke anything that night, that’s how think the air was…LOL. And she’d admit it, too. The worst though was when she dragged me to a Journey show when I was about 12 because she didn’t want to look old and wanted it to look like she was taking her kid. We were so far away they might as well have been on TV.

My family is very musically weird. I’m musically weird. Everyone plays something it seems. My cousin is an amazing guitarist, and even Beavis and Butthead made fun of one of his band’s videos once. That was so funny.


I remembered one last concert from my misspent youth: When I was in 8th grade, my sisters and friends all piled onto the public bus (we were in a suburb out at the end of the line) and rode into the city to go see The Monkees play at the St. Paul Auditorium (now the Wilkins). Never saw them or heard a note all night. As soon as anyone even thought they saw them the place erupted into a deafening tween scream and everyone on the main floor stood up on their chairs and jumped up and down. At one point I tried to stand on the back of my chair so I could see, and the whole row fell over backwards, kids splattering everywhere. Somehow we got the row back up in about 10 seconds. About the only thing I remember about the music is that Peter Tork came out and played a few solo numbers on the banjo. Not quite as much screaming and jumping for that. I think Tork was a folkie before he was a Monkee.


gbear – I saw the Monkees at Cincinnati Gardens! We must be about the same age.

Actually, my very FIRST concert EVER was Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass at Cincinnati Gardens. I think the Monkees was my second.


Ha. I was in the jr high band and we all loved the Tijuana Brass. It was perky and bouncy and easy to play so a bunch of us formed our own little combo and the band director bought us some music books. I started high school in sept of 69, just as dirty fucking hippy was starting to reach the midwestern suburbs.

Was your Monkee’s experience as unmusical as mine?


God damn it, now I’m going to be singing “wanken der winky” all day.


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