Freedom means never being short of firepower

AP reports:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Bush administration cleared the way Wednesday to sell arms to Iraq just as it does to other allies, reversing the ban in place for much of Saddam Hussein’s regime. [Gee, when was that ban not in place? Oh yeah… -S,N!]

Bush made a presidential determination that the standard methods of engaging in munitions transfers with friendly nations are now appropriate in the case of Iraq and will promote democratic reforms, help achieve reconstruction and strengthen the Iraqi government.

Transferring munitions to Iraq = Promoting democratic reforms.
Transferring munitions to Iraq = Helping reconstruction.

Please explain the logic underlying the two propositions listed above in the comments. Danke.

Thanks to Blair for the link. (From now on known as TTBFTL.)


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From Scrutiny Hooligans:

The pseudosovereign Iraq has a new problem. The U.N. resolution establishing their limited, full, conditional, absolute sovereignty also ended a 14-year-old arms embargo. That’s right, it’s now perfectly legal to arm Iraq to the teeth, and the U.S. Department of Unfathomable Repetition of Historical Mistakes is there to exploit the market. Read on in this IPS article to learn about some of the lesser known military contracts that have been signed by the U.S. appointed interim government of Iraq and its predecessor, the Coalition Provisional Authority. Everyone ready for a middle east arms race?


Because, you know, the main problem in Iraq right now is that there aren’t enough weapons lying around.



I don’t see what the problem is, here. It hasn’t ALWAYS been an unmitigated disaster, like when we armed the Talib . . . no, wait, like when we gave Saddam . . . no, not that one, uh . . . south American “freedom fighters” . . . ummmmm

Well, anyway, just because it hasn’t always paid off for us to “help” our “friends,” that’s no reason to assume that it can’t ever work out. After all, we’ve not nothing but excess cash to spread around . . . er, well, at least our OWN troops are eminently well provided for . . .

Oh, hell. TERRORIST TERRORIST TERRORIST, 9/11 9/11 9/11, FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, OSAMA FOR KERRY! Oh, and gay marriage. And flag burning.

Almost got sidetracked there.


The logic is simple. John Lennon said it best: “Happiness is a Warm Gun”


In ten years when Iraq is under theocratic rule and is an even worse danger to America, I wonder how the right whingers will once again deny that America armed them.


That’s right, it’s now perfectly legal to arm Iraq to the teeth, and the U.S. Department of Unfathomable Repetition of Historical Mistakes is there to exploit the market.

Bush just wants Iraq to become so financially indebted to the US that they are forced to pay it off with their oil.


With the ‘security’ in Iraq, I think it’s safe to assume that the insurgents will be getting their hands on some of the neat new toys. It will definitely make life in Iraq way more interesting.


I think the New-and-Improved Iraqi Government definitely needs shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles as its first order of business. Maybe Halliburton can supply them? Doesn’t G.E. make them?

This is a business opportunity that should not be missed.


Something like over 1/2 of all the armament and munitions that our friendly corporate arms companies sold to the S. Vietnam government back in the 60’s and 70’s went straight to the Viet Cong by way of corropt officials within (at the top!) of the US picked government. So were are this weapons of individual destruction going again?


Seb, one of these isn’t that diffuclt so long as you read “helping reconstruction” as ehlping arm the government to put down the ppl, you know just ignore the whole democracy thing, I mean damn the insurgency has to be mor well armed than the government (though considering the stories of IGC forces selling the newly obtained M-16s to the insurgent then collecting new ones after reporting them lost) ths may not exactly address that imbalance in firepower.


Well on a side note new arms couuld help the IGC establish order just um, ignore the whole democracy part) but back here in the world where applied theorieshave tangible results this doesn’t work, what with the forces of the IGC handing the weapons to insurgents and all.


In terms of small arms, Iraq is littered with them. Those who planned the invasion were in such a hurry to get the troops to Baghdad that they were forced to leave piles of munitions, storerooms of it right where they found them.

Our military has estimated that it could take a decade to destroy all the small arms paccumulated by Iraq and presently deposited all over the country. That’s why we can be certain the insurgents won’t stop because they’ve run out of arms. This is not counting the one or two guns most families keep in their homes.

And I thought my mind was incapable of further boggling.


The more munitions there are in Iraq the more need there will be for reconstruction. Quite obviously it is imperative to transfer as many munitions as possble, as quickly as possble. As we all know, democratic reforms stem primarily from the needs of the middle class, and the fostering of the middle class is best facilitated by the development of a strong reconstruction industry. The indiscriminate use of munitions will inevitably lead to a prosperous and freedom loving nirvana on the euphrates, and anyone who says otherwise need only look at the successes of Halliburton to discover the error in their thinking.


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