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POLITICAL PROGRESS IN IRAQ? Jules Crittenden reports.
posted at 07:52 AM by Glenn Reynolds

It has been a trying few days, as our animus to cry angrily and fearfully for vengeance against an endless succession of exaggerated foreign threats has been dampened by disappointing news about the supposed nonexistence of the Iranian nuclear threat, according to certain intelligence sources against whom our resentment is now rising. As we work to buttress the tower of rationalization that allows us together to believe, with layers of hearsay as evidence, in the important, factual, and real reality of a uniquely-threatening but ever-shifting foreign Evil, whose objective, factual menace is despicably ignored by weak and appeasing naysayers whom we are, in real life, better than, despite all appearances and the impressions of most human observers, including potential sexual partners, who won’t be laughing so hard when someday a real rain comes and washes all the scum off the streets, solace is provided by the reliable Mr. Crittenden of the Boston Herald, who points out the suspicious prominence in the MSM of the story about Iran and the so-called “National Intelligence Estimate” in the very face of two small and apparently-unremarkable stories on Iraq, whose appearance in the media, as naysayers would deny, suggests a notable lack of proof against the possibility of a widespread, unreported current of political progress in Iraq — about which we may wonder: Is the wave of widespread political progress in Iraq going unreported by the MSM through laughable incompetence alone, or is there a darker reason?

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


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Jules Crittenden reports.

That sentence alone is worth the price of admission. It’s practically an oxymoron.


In a related development, the Iraqi government has agreed to go forward with a “test case” in which several hundred volunteers in the west Baghdad neighborhood of Jihad will be hired in public works jobs like street cleaning or repairing electrical works, Odierno said. He described Jihad as a primarily Shiite area where some government ministries do not have local representatives.

Whoever knew Muslims were so hogwild about West Baghdad that they would incorporate it into their religious texts? Must be some damn fine food and (juice) bars there.


or is there a darker reason…?

Heh, indeed.


Imagine how paranoid wingnuts would be if their side wasn’t in charge.


Well that sure clarified everything for me.

…and in other internet news: TBogg is moving to Firedoglake ::sob::


That’s quite a run-on. Channeling Goldstein?



Outside of that, I share TRex’s skepticism.


Before I looked at reynolds’ link, i thought the post of his you were making longer was, in toto, ‘Heh, indeed’. which would be funny, too…


‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

I’m not sure it’s perfected yet, but I think you can claim credit for the “longer” concept.


Who is or are “We”? Or does he man “wee”


Longer Glenn Reynolds

Ahem. Has the Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser testified, re: the alleged facts?

Under Oath?


wow. That is a whole new kind of funny. Well done.


…and in other internet news: TBogg is moving to Firedoglake ::sob::

I’m actually quite disappointed about that. While TBogg is a master of the snark genre, it was his commenters that really made that site shine. By contrast, the comments threads at FDL are well-nigh unreadable, unless you’re willing to wade through a bunch of “Norm!”-like greetings and “G’nite!” posts . . .



Where’s the requisite Glenn Harlan InstaSophist holding a giant sammich pic???


I betcha the wingers would go nuts over this:.

Taliban tea
Vancouver Courier
Published: Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Vancouver doctor Maureen Mayhew, who served with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), talks about having tea with a member of the Taliban and her other experiences in Afghanistan Dec. 9 at 1 p.m. at Canadian Memorial Church & Centre for Peace. The afternoon discussion includes photos and stories spanning seven years of providing health care to Afghanis. Admission is by donation.

Tea with the Taliban…how deliciously quaint and harmless. Don’t tell anyone!


Yes, mat!

We demand Teh Sammich Gallery!


First there was Instapundit. Then came Instaputz. Now, Sadly, No! Web Log Productions proudly presents Instaprolix.


from the lurking shadows…

Quite possibly the most incomprehensible rant Ole Perfesser Buttweasel has ever visited upon an unsuspecting keyboard. Dragging the crittmeister in only enhances the hilarity. A party tool to the last Mr. Hehindeed – With all the stoic determination of a dog licking its own ass.


Why didn’t Tbogg come over to teh Sadly?

I’m not a big fan of Firedog’s new layout. It’s veering into HuffPo territory.


But, if TBogg is getting paid, more power to him!

Arky - Cthulhusexual

Bloody hell that is hilarious. The “don’t forget to bring a big spool of thread,” writing style is painfully perfect.


t4t – I don’t wish TBogg any lack of success. I hope he does really well over there. I’m reading that his regular commenters are already over at FDL raising holy hell and being scolded like misbehaving children. They aren’t being good. This could be very entertaining…


FDL has gotten entirely too respectable. Hopefully TBogg and his commenters will gang up with Trex and create some basselope flavored snark.


I liked the old TBogg site better. But I need my Beckham and Satchmo fixes, so I’ll still visit the new one – just don’t ask me to like it, damn you!


Heh, heh; I think we can liven things up a bit over there. I may even have to make the name I use here match the name I’ve been using at Tbogg’s. Besides, I have no other option for my RDA of basset penis.

Smiling Mortician

Jeez, you disappear from civilization for a couple of days and next thing you know Tbogg’s been co-opted.

I see y’all have been busy these last two days while we’ve been heating soup in the fireplace and thinking about how to get an 80-foot poplar off the garage . . . hurricanes in the pacific northwest sure are fun! Any other PNWers here? t4toby, how’d the storm go for you & yours?


yikes, SM. sending you a virtual beach towel….


Gavin, that is damn funny. I truly love: “despite…the impressions of most human observers, including potential sexual partners”

And just barely coherent enough to suggest meaning. Perfect.


Good old “progress”, “potential” and “hopeful signs.” Whatever would we do without you?


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