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The Rant, home to Justin “The Hottest New Conservative Writer On The Web” Darr, offers this headline,:


which links to an article that begins thusly:

Official denies nuclear arms found in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq, Jul. 21 (UPI) — A U.S. military official Wednesday denied a report of Iraqi missiles carrying nuclear warheads being found in a concrete trench northwest of Baghdad.

The daily al-Sabah newspaper Wednesday had quoted sources as saying three missiles armed with nuclear warheads were discovered in a trench near the city of Tikrit, the hometown of ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

A U.S. military spokesman in Tikrit told United Press International that the report was untrue.

So did the Moonie Times change the headline, or are the good people at The Rant just really, really hoping that this is true?


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It’s amazing what they’ll publish over at the Rant. It’s like a poor man’s NewsMax.


They changed the headline. I saw the same link at Human Events this morning, and the Times story matched what’s up now on the Rant. New info came out and they changed the story. I wonder if Mr. Darr will do the same?


In a Reuters story, the Iraqi Interior Minister was quoted on his reaction to this report: “It’s stupid.”


Only the latest self-humiliation from the underripe Right. Many more to come.


It is amazing. They are not even trying to confirm what they print and hold up as proof. i guess they never have, but you would think that they would do more than just jump aup and down and say, “SEEE!!!!! HERE IS THE PROOF!!!!”

In a week or two I will see this claim on a Freeper web site and they will hold up the fact that the news media has not jumped on the story as proof that the media is liberal.

Why are there just SOOOOOOOOOOO many really stupid people on their side of the fence? Does there side just attract idiots?




What matters is that it hit the headlines (however briefly before being refuted).

Poll the zombie public 30 days from now, and I’ll be you my next paycheck (however meager it might be) that better than 50% will agree that nuclear weapons were found in Iraq.

The retraction doesn’t matter. It’s the original story that counts.

Anyone see if Fox ran with this? (I can hear Greg Jarrett now: “Here’s a Fox News Alert – unconfirmed reports indicate that a cache of nuclear weapons have been found north of Baghdad. We’re trying to get more information right now – stay tuned to Fox News – fair and balanced coverage of the discovery of nuclear weapons in Iraq.”)


Technically, it’s true.

“The daily al-Sabah newspaper Wednesday had quoted sources as saying three missiles armed with nuclear warheads were discovered in a trench near the city of Tikrit, the hometown of ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein”…

They were “reportedly found.” Kind of like Saddam seeking nuclear materials in Africa was technically true. Not greatly relevant to anything, but true, nonetheless.


The Reuters article with the stupid quote. (Via No More Mister Nice Blog.)


Richard Cranium is right.

It doesn’t matter what the truth is, or even what the story says. What matters is the headline.

Most of America, especially the reality-show-obsessed swing voter, never gets past the headlines. Control page A1 (above the fold, for non-tabloids), control the 1-minute Clear Channel reading of news headlines on your country or pop music station, control the headlines on the AOL welcome screen, control the headlines at the top of the nightly newscast … and you control how the swing voter thinks.


Am I the only one who noticed that Justin’s “Rant” bio spells “Liberalism” with a capital L, but “conservative” with a small c?


Heads up! Aaron Brown has the ‘Terror in the Skies’ story, 14 Arab bandmembers on one plane!
at 10 PM, CNN


Found: Weapons of Man’s Destruction!

That was the title blaring at me from the front page of NewsMax. And since NewsMax breaks stories about Weapons of Mass Destruction being found on a weekly basis, I’m guessing they probably know a lot about Man’s Destruction, too. I’d better have a l…

Miss Authoritiva

After my last existential anxiety attack over the reality that there is no reality any more, I just gave in to it. Now I spend my public time pretty much thinking and talking (minus the accent) like Eva Gabor in “Green Acres.” I’m getting to like it. No more getting hissy when Cheney asserts Iraq-al Qaeda connections, no more dropped jaws when Bush says the world is safer. And Barbara (the Mother) Bush’s noblisse dismissal of body bags and casualty counts has empowered me, too. Oh, and those icky beheadings. Now, where did I put my pearls.


Miss Authoritiva – marry me.


One of my friends from the right eagerly sent me a link to this story yesterday morning. The original story quoted some “high ranked Iraqi offical” saying that he had found 3 missiles armed with nuke warheads buried underground.

About 3 hours later WT apparently copied the new story denying the report over the old story. Of course, it forgot to change the headlines..


“Official denies nuclear arms found in Iraq”
Have any of you seen Wag the Dog? Sounds extremely familiar… there is no B3 bomber.


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