Idemi, Idema, life goes on bra

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Three Americans accused of torturing Afghans in a private jail during a freelance counterterror mission went on trial Wednesday, with their ringleader denying any wrongdoing and claiming active U.S. government support.

Jonathan K. Idema, Brett Bennett and Edward Caraballo were arrested when Afghan security forces raided a house in Kabul on July 5. American and Afghan officials say they were vigilantes posing as U.S. special forces and had no official backing.

Appearing before a three-judge panel in a national security court, the three listened quietly to the charges including hostage-taking and torture, and as three of their ex-detainees described how they were beaten, doused with boiling water and deprived of food.

The Americans didn’t testify. But Idema said afterward that the abuse allegations were invented. He also said he was in regular phone and e-mail contact with Pentagon officials “at the highest level.”

Speaking to reporters crowding round the dock, Idema named a Pentagon official who allegedly asked the group to go “under contract” – an offer they refused. [Emphasis added]

Uh, what name did he give for fuck’s sake?

More on Idema here.


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Here’s some more on Idema from Kos.

Weird shit.


Name “Heather Anderson”.

Article says not in Pentegon, but a quick google search of “Heather Anderson” DoD finds her title as “Director, Strategic Integration and Acting Director, Security” in
“Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Counterintelligence and Security”

Working on getting security clearance for contractors, and hiring 200 investigators.

Sounds like they were trying to get in, but hadn’t been hired.


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