All the President’s Goats

It was with a great deal of consternation that we learned yesterday that Amazon had deleted the customer reviews of My Pet Goat. Thanks to Tom and several readers however, we are happy to bring you… All The President’s Goats, 50 of the 53 reviews originally posted.


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Thank goodness you preserved that for posterity.


AND, get this!!!!

I was one of the reviewers of My Pet Goat. This morning when I went to, I got the following crap on my screen (I’ve saved it and might post it, no time now):

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man was released today; We thought you’d be interested because you rated Reading Mastery – Level 2 Storybook 1.

Book Description: Watching Michael Moore in action — passing off manipulating facts in Bowling for Columbine, spinning statistics in Stupid White Men and Dude, Where’s My Country?, shamelessly grandstanding at the Academy Awards, and epitomizing the hypocrisy he’s made a king’s fortune railing against — has spurred authors David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke to take action into their own hands. In Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man, Hardy and Clarke dish it back hard to the fervent prophet of the far left, turning a careful eye on Moore’s use of camera tricks and publicity ploys to present his own version of the truth.Postwar documentarians gave us the documentary, Rob Reiner gave us the mockumentary, and Moore initiated a third genre, the crockumentary.How, they ask, does Moore pull off a proletarian, “man-of-the-people” image so at odds with his lifestyle as a fabulously wealthy Manhattanite? And how large of an impact do his incendiary, ill-founded polemics have on the growing community that follows him with near-religious devotion? Loaded with well-researched, solidly reasoned arguments, and laced with irreverent wit, Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man fires back at one of the left’s biggest targets — politically and literally.


Even Amazon needs to protect bubble boy? Sheesh!


there is a brief “talk of the town” piece in this weeks new yorker about the man who actually wrote “my pet goat” and his educational philosophy. Although he himself seems pretty agressively anti bush, his educational philosophy of meaningless drill, sound bite level instruction, identical instruction regardless of teacher history/interests seems perfect for Bush-the-idiot. Its worth going over to the new yorker and checking it out.



there’s a new review up on the amazon customer review page:

After reading the enclosed story “The Pet Goat,” I was stunned by its lyrical beauty and easy cadence. The tempo, the choice of words, and the layout on each page captured my imagination so much that it took me about seven minutes to recover my bearings.


Hee hee, all the recommendations attached to My Pet Goat are now political ones.


I can only assume that Lola Fallujah’s review, as posted by m above, was just a little too subtle for them…

It’s a shame that a bookseller can’t employ literates; (the reply below is cut-and-paste).

“Thank you for writing to

While supports freedom of speach, we do require that
customer reviews actuaslly be about the item reviewed. A number of
comments were removed from “Reading Mastery – Level 2 Storybook 1″
because they did not review the content of the book.”


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