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In a previous post (click here or scroll down,) we quoted a random FoxNews personality who had argued that:

Mr. Secretary, I know you don?t get into politics, but Senator Kerry has been saying if he is elected, he will work hard to strengthen our military. That implies that our military is weak.

And yet here we have President Bush saying:

As he campaigned around the country last week, President Bush asked voters to give him another four years to make the nation “safer and stronger and better.”

That implies the US is not safe, not strong, and not good. Why does President Bush hate America?

(Bush quote via G.A. Cerny.)


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Mr. President, does god tell you to lie about stupid things like why you fell off your bike and whether you saw the first plane hit, or do you do those things on your own? How are we mere mortals to tell when it’s god and when it’s you? Could you maybe specifically say “According to god” or “According to me” each time you say something stupid?

Thanks. No follow-up.


I tell ya Virginia, we have a saying back in Texas, or maybe it’s Tennessee, no it’s Texas, fool me once… and.. uh.. yeah.. uh.. God says shame on you.


It’s much worse than that. Bush’s campaign rhetoric in 2000 included the line that “help is on the way” to our Clinton-incapacitated military. And that if called on to report to duty, 2 of our 9 (batallions? cohorts? legions?) would have to respond “not ready for duty, sir!”.

He really hated America then.

The Dark Avenger

Like when Bushco tried to talk the economy down before the 2000 election so that they’d have a better shot at getting elected, we see that these folks have








Sometimes, someone knocks it out of the park and I couldn’t phrase it any better, so I’ll just quote this post from Sadly, No!: In a previous post, we quoted a random FoxNews personality who had argued that: Mr. Secretary,


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