Oh, Now Everybody’s Doing It

Miguel or Michelle Malkin? It is a mystery!:

Dafydd at Big Lizards weighs in. Tons more commentary here.

[Gavin adds: Indeed, Michelle. Ab Hugh’s roundly substantial post is making a big splash!]

Above: Da Fyddy beams up sammich, smells like porkfart.

Close, but not quite. First, there’s the lack of enthusiasm. Then, the absence of direct quotes (e.g., “Blargh!! I will eat you!”) is a sign of trickery. Finally, there are no signature Miguel phrases: no “gravy beast,” “made of ham,” “melty creature,” etc. I call fake Miguel — in other words, it’s Michelle. Reached for comment via Seanbaby, the real Miguel confirmed my deduction. But he also applauded Malkin’s efforts, saying (and I quote):

It is A TRUE BASH on teh BUTTER TROLL wingnut!!
‘weighs in’! ‘tons’!!


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Ampersand will be unamused I sure.


I’m still up!
Wait, what’s this post about?
Damn! I was aware of Dafydd generally as fat person with a penchant for beautiful sandwiches, but his site is truly horrible. I especially dig the copyrighted US war dead comparison chart.

But, the true crime here seems to be the wallpaper..how could this Miguel exist?
More to the point, how could he exist and I not know of him? Mencken, you have once again opened a door onto a wider world.


I don’t know what this is about (the post, not my comment), but seeing Stalkin’ Malkin’s logo (TM) reminds me of a funny story I once heard, from someone who worked at a very respectable history/political magazine. She said that at the weekly editorial meetings, at some point everybody would be asked to guess a number. Then the editor would then produce cover letters that accompanied the unsolicited submissions received in the previous week. Each of the cover letters were written on stationary that contained, alongside the writer’s name/address, clip art of a pen, or a quill, or an inkpot, etc., at the top. The person who guessed how many of these ridiculous pieces of stationery the magazine had received that week would win the prize, which was the honor of taking the letters and dumping them in the trash can. Seeing Stalkin’s site always makes me think of that and laugh.


“Then the editor would then…” sorry for the redundundancy.


The sammich returns to S,N! at last.


While we’re referencing ‘fat chicks in party hats,’ can we get an update on ‘wingnuts in party hats 3: electric boogaloo?’


Michelle’s such a fascist that she sends nasty chastening emails to right-wingers who don’t toe her own weird party line. That’s what really cracks me up about her, that and her reading that damned teleprompter. The original black hole of charisma. I do want my own email from the bitch though, I’d frame it.


He’s moving out of the Sans a belt option. Looks likes it’ll be sweatpants only from now on.


Well, Daffyd eased my mind. He says, “it is simply impossible to form any rational conclusion about what Mitt Romney said.” Whew! I’m glad that’s been taken care of!

Now, despite the fact that “Unlike the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Mansoor Ijaz certainly does not have an agenda of overthrowing the United States government and instituting a theocratic caliphate,” he did give some money to Democrats like 7 or eight years ago, so that’s pretty much all you need to know about him.


I’m not real sure what’s up with the Malkin thing either, but no matter, I just laughed myself into a crying jag over the wingnut parody of the fat chix in party hats site. Is this a great country or what?


moondancer: Actually, I think I glimpse a bit of belt lolling out beneath Aby Dab’s humongous gut. Probably took it off his bathrobe.


I lurves the text he has for the “poetry” section:
This page will be the catch-all that scoops up everything we can’t unload anywhere else, including annotations of classic songs, reviews of recent country-western CDs, more comic art from the drafting genius who created the Lizard Letters up top on this (and every other) page, and original — in theory, anyway– comic verse (hence the title).


Why is michellemalkin.com taking its cue from this member of the latin Exploshun? He speaks English for only 2 years! It is a mystery.


Mitt is just such an arrogant little shit. I mean, not that others aren’t, but he just floods the screen with his arrogance. It’s astounding. OK, not that astounding. But what a bugger.




Looks likes it’ll be sweatpants only from now on.

Nah, they make maternity pants for men, now, right?


The sammich…it has a flavor!


I miss teh Seanbaby. 🙁


All hail sammich! I once saw a sign for a roadside restaurant in Mexico which offered “sanguiches”. I propose this spelling be accepted as well.


I had been under the impression that the blogger in question had changed his name to Dafydd abs Six-pack. Perhaps it was my imagination.


When did Daffydowndilly go off his diet?

And is that a good idea?




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