Credit where due

Overall, Andy Reid has done an excellent job preparing his team for this game. I like the aggressive approach he’s taking of going for it on fourth and on successfully employing an onside kick. The Patriots aren’t generating much of a pass rush, and their secondary has made AJ Feely look like YA Tittle at times.

That said, the Patriots are still leading by three points at halftime and they get the ball back to start the second half. We’ll see what happens.


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Iggelz!! Jimmy Johnson deserves credit for good defensive gameplan.


I can haz iggles and 24 points plz?



No, this has been a very well-played game by the Iggles so far. They’ve kept Moss mostly contained on deep passes and have forced Brady to toss short passes to Welker and Faulk, with Moss running more in routes than he’s used to.


So why don’t the Iggles play this well every week?


Because no one listens to the rantings of Atrios about the unappreciated genius (well, better than mediocrity) of AJ Feeley.

Remember the 2002 playoffs, bitches.


I LOVE missed figgies!


But aren’t Philly TDs even more loveable?


I just got back from a conCall and what wonder do I see?

Philly by 4 in the 4th.

Oh, I’m sure they’ll lose.

But a lot of money is gonna flow uphill behind this clusterfuck…



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