There’s a reason SullyWatch says to always click on the link

And it’s because of posts like this by Andrew Sullivan:

THE NYT COMES CLEAN: Nope, there was no bounce from Edwards. Mickey gloats.

Which links to an entry that begins thusly:

Rare Rasmussen bounce (for Kerry) nearly all gone.

Nearly all gone. To go, don’t you first need to be there?


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Has Andy patched things up with his beloved Preznit now that the Hate Amendment has flopped?


Jeezm, that’s pretty sloppy. Perhaps some hair-of-the-dog is needed after a night at Hitch’s?


Sullivan linking to Kaus about John Kerry–what a circle jerk of hackery. It’s like Kenny Banya telling jokes written by Sinbad.


Circle Jerk is right! Sully seems to be doing a lot of linking to blogs lately. I guess real journalists are just unsatisfying.


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