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Jim Pinkerton provides data point # 25,383 as to why TechCentralStation is a waste of web server space:

The actor Rupert Everett is here in Bangkok; at a press conference on Monday, he was asked about ABC. His answer was that it was “kind of criminal” for anyone to argue that condoms don’t work. Of course, the ABC-ers have said no such thing. [Emphasis added]

Let’s go to the video tape:

The new CDC regulations, published in the Federal Register, are mandatory for any AIDS-fighting organization that receives federal money for HIV prevention, and they finish the job of gutting effective, disease-preventing safe-sex education that has been a goal of the Bush Administration since it took office. Far from trying to “learn” from the Ugandans, the regs demand that any sex-ed “content” include information on the “lack of effectiveness of condom use.” [Emphasis added] link


There are groups of American missionaries working in northern Uganda, but many of these are opposed to condom use, telling villagers that condoms don’t work and to simply wait to have sex until marriage. link


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So that is the missionaries’ position?


Is that anywhere close to Uganada?


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