Pathetic Fuzzballs

As promised here.

Above: Snotzis or durtee-nozes?

(I think this is the first time I’ve ever cat blogged.)

Might as well show the cat I’ve had for a while now, before the Kitlers (thanx, His Grace) showed up:

Above, Szarry, indigenous to HTMLstan:
Having a Polish name, no wonder he doesn’t like the Snotzi invaders.

Update: Improved kitties pic hanx to glorified jughound!


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The one on the left could be a cuddly Ernst Röhm.


My kitties (I’ve had two in my life) have passed on to kitty heaven.

May yours live as long and as well as the ones I called mine did, HTML.


Yup, that one there on the right’s a surefire kitler.


Taking in abandoned kittens is good luck. They are cute — just wait until they conspire against you….then want to snuggle.

It happens in this household ALL the time!!!


My 13 year old kitty just went into the vet for an operation and by the time she came home she rang up over $600 in bills. Better start that personal feline health savings account now. Oh, and kitty is feeling much better now.

Is the one on the left wearing a batman mask?


Aw-reety!! Looking happy & well fed, sitting up & posing already. And catblogging on the traditional Friday. Now you’ve done everything to be done on the tewbs.

Next, put ’em to work catching meeses in the granary.


I’m sorry yours left this vale of tears, ITTDGY. I’ve had several over the years; some wandered away (Beezelbob, the evil but affectionate black tom) or were run over by cars (poor Yoda, who was colored like a Siamese and used to sneak into the house and sleep in my hair), and it’s always hard where they go.

The one thing I didn’t like about living in downtown Memphis was that I couldn’t have a cat. You just have to have one in the country, and that’s what I was used to.

Szarry, btw, is the most “talkative” cat I’ve ever had.


Szarry has it all over the little punkz up top (though they are cute as the dickens).

Your lovely threesome remind me of NTodd’s 2 kittlens (now grown) and 1 elder statesman.

Catblogging is a good, along with basset blogging and other dog blogging.


I live in the country but I am horribly allergic to cats and so we have none.

We also have mice, on occasion. The grenades can only do so much to stop them, though.


What, does Memphis stop cats at the city line?

“Sorry, son, you’ll have to turn back. No cats allowed past this checkpoint”


For what it’s worth, I salute you for taking these little guys. I took one feral kitten this summer from a mudpit in Alabama, and she’s just awesome now living in New York with all the fancy gays. Yours are very adorable, btw, and you are a small saint for adopting them. Bless you.


Eh, well, that scares the crap out of me gbear.


Glad she’s better, gbear. We’re down about five thousand on vet bills this year but the cat, who is now on prozac, seems to be doing far, far better than we could have hoped back when they first gave us a diagnosis.

We’ve had vet insurance on the two of them for years now, and let me leap right in to scream “Noooooooo!” at anyone who’s considering getting it for your own. It’s a scam. Put ten bucks a month in a savings account for the furred ones. It may not cover eventual problems, but it could be enough of a cushion that you won’t have to decide between rent and life-saving treatments.

As it is, we’ve had to tell the other cat we can’t afford for her to go to Harvard now. She was crushed, I know…


I was just wondering why you couldn’t have a cat in Memphis.


That sucks, Thers. Mice are always around, as you know, but maybe moreso here because I have so many ramshackle unused old farm buildings on the place, and the houseplace is covered with gigantic and prolific pecan trees.

Szarry, by my count, ate about a dozen mice, 3 squirrels, and as many snakes this spring/summer. Lizards and skinks he’ll kill/eat, but you can tell they aren’t as tasty to him.

I think a friend will take one of the Kitlers off my hands — his daughter wants a kitty.


Oh, gbear, because of my building’s pet policy.


I hadn’t seen pet insurance. My vet has a donation fund that they will use to help pay for operations if the owner can’t afford it. They took a couple hundred out for me once when I was unemployed and the cat got sick. Good luck with your kittys. Maybe the younger one can get a scholarship.

Arky - Cthulusexual

[Undignified noises of delight] A “friend” tricked me and a house mate into taking two by saying they were a couple of weeks older than they really were. When my house mate moved out she didn’t want to take the one that was officially hers until about a year later.

Cha right lady, back away from the cat and no one gets hurt.

The lie about their age pissed me off, especially since it might have been harmful to them, but nearly 15 years later I can’t imagine what life would be sans chats.

Except when one is wrowling the place down at 4 am and his sibling (who rarely utters a peep) is banging at the bedroom door like a SWAT team.

Or they dart between my legs when I’m walking down the stairs.

Or they fight right after I vacuum and leave fresh clumps of hair all over the place.

Or they get clever and hide under the bed until I go to sleep and then emerge to a) Warble in my ears, b) Put their ice cold noses on mine and c) Stomp right on my bladder.

Or … Well, I must like them or they’d be two small throw rugs.

Just a note if you’ve never had ones that young: Both are very affectionate and the howling thing can’t hunt for shit. I think both attributes are due to the fact they were taken away from their mother too soon.

Long Life to the Kitlers!

glorified jughound (photo-pedant)

I took the liberty. Just to chase away some of that incandescent light plus a smidgen of sharpening. Forgive me.

To echo what Jeff said, you’re a kind soul, now with a couple of buddies-for-life.

BTW, HTML, you of the substantive essay, Slavoz Zizek has an article in the latest LRofB that’s kind of up your alley. Food for thought and all that.


Alright! You can NEVER have to much cat blogging. Or Basset blogging for that matter. My elderly cat (13 or 14) is quite healthy. Aside from occasional knots in her fur. She’s to old to turn her head around far enough to groom her back anymore, so these knots will develop, which have to be shaved off, lest they just get bigger and become flea nests. She gets pretty pissed during the shaving, but is always very calm afterwards. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost anything, and she doesn’t have any other health problems.

And Snotzis is best thing ever, anywhere. More cute animules!


There’s a Web site for submitting picture of cats that have Third Reich-esque markings. I forget the link at the moment.

Ah, how I miss having cats. My mother had an aging tabby when I was born, sadly, she died when I was two. I was too young to remember much about her, from the video I’ve seen…she was kinda pissy sometimes. Sammy died a dignified ol’ girl at twenty-two. We didn’t have a cat again, even though I desperately wanted one, until I was eight. I suspect the whole wanting-what-you-cannot-have thing is what turned me into such a cat aficionado (witness my screen name).

Anyway, at eight years old, we got a tortie named Reesie (yes, terribly original, I know). She was a bit of a loner and frequently hid in our cavernous (and unfinished at the time) basement, but she was a sweet kitty. She died at seven years old of lukemia. It was only days after September 11, 2001.

When I moved to upstate New York to live with my boyfriend, I left behind our crew—Honey the Yelllow Lab and two four-year-old grey-and-white sisters (littermates)—Sophia the longhair and Chloe the shorthair. I miss them dearly, although I will get to see them when I go home for Thanksgiving (my feelings are mixed on the humans inhabiting the house).

Now I’m sure you’re getting bored of me, so I’ll just leave you with a couple of  teeth-rotting cute picture-albums of my girls.

Thankfully my partner’s mother has a menagerie of felines to keep me from missing having kitties at all


Heheheh, the one on the left looks like he’s gettin’ a bit of attitude.


I love that picture of your other cat, too. The pose is just fantastic.


“I love that picture of your other cat, too. The pose is just fantastic.”

hehe, yeah (s)he’s all like, “WTF you lookin’ at?!”


heavy metal kitten blogging. A low tech golden oldie.

glorified jughound (photo-pedant)

Our Lewis has the same half-‘stache as the one on the right only it’s white (and unusual orange eyes).


I keep my fingers crossed – my cat is 14 and acts like she’s just shy of 1. Perfectly healthy, too.


Gundamhaid, can’t you just brush her once in a while?

There’s really no such thing as an ugly cat is there, w/ the possible exception of Persians? Whereas dogs (not that I don’t like canines) due perhaps to the variety of breeds & crossbreeding, can sho’ nuff be unpleasing to the eye. Of course, it’s the inner animal that counts. Just typing out loud.


This is Binkley. He is the anti-Kitler.


Awww, jeez. Too cute for words.

I have three. Two on purpose. The third looks like a sibling of your two newbies, and he came to me when he stopped 4 lanes of traffic in the middle of a place nobody should have been stopped that I drive by daily; and it’s Christmas-time, I am in fact going to pick up food and drink for the Christmas party I am hosting that night, and this poor little black thing darts among all the screeching brakes and freezes, about 10 feet outside my driver’s side door, scared, literally, frozen.

I looked up through the sunroof and asked, “It’s a test, isn’t it, God?”

Scooped him up; he was 10 weeks old, max, ribs showing, scraggly in the extreme; I would guess abandoned by Mom since he to this day is a runt, and the poor little guy was just scared to death, even in the warmth of my car an accompanying “it’s all good” noises I was making.

I got him home after I ran the errands and set him in the litter box downstairs and left him alone. About the time the guests showed up, so did the little fella. He never left the party. He ate a huge pile of catfood, and went to sleep on my cat-house, with much mirth and merriment and physical affection on and around him. Tried to give him away all night.

My two on-purpose Siamese HATED HIM, for at least two weeks, but it is always like that with cats; been through it before.

I named him Comet, because when I was a tyke my favorite kitten who looks exactly the same, Comet, got hit by a car and died before my eyes in rural IL. Tragic and traumatic.

He and the Siamese are doing fine, and he digs me totally. Anyone who doesn’t think animals, even cats, can feel gratitude hasn’t seen this video.


And the day I retire I’ll have a dog or two before I even get home.

I loves me some critters.


And there’s not even the slightest question in my mind the one on the right in the picture should be named Kitler.


Don’t worry about Szarry, he/she will learn to dig them, right after he/she figures out he/she can wail on them. It’s fun to watch evolve.


“can’t you just brush her once in a while?”

I guess I could try that. In fact I think I will. One minute per day or something. But once those knots form, the only way to get rid of them is to shave them off. If you don’t they just keep getting bigger. It’s not easy being fluffy.

“There’s really no such thing as an ugly cat is there, w/ the possible exception of Persians?”

I think Persians are damn adorable. They’re like the Pug-dogs of the cat world: they’re so cute BECAUSE they’re so ugly.



A beloved kitty in my past was an Angora-mix (no, not a rabbit, but she seemed almost as soft!). Anyhoo, as she got older she couldn’t take care of all the fluffy soft fur. So….for a long time the antidote was a medium tooth comb. A simple 39 cent drugstore item. In the last year of her life, she simply did not like being combed, so I let it be. She lived to be a little bit older than eighteen years old, and was completely in charge of the menagerie of cats here to the very end. I still have dreams that she visits me. She was my girl, after all…


Szarry looks like he may have some Siamese ancestors, HTML… he has the “almond” shaped eyes & the triangular head, as well as being talkative. Especially if his voice is raspy & loud out of proportion to his size. Other Meezer genetic “tells” include a sparse or missing undercoat — breeders refer to a “silk satin” coat because the proper well-born Siamese has unusually fine-textured silky guard hairs and almost none of the wooly undercoat that mats up heinously in Maine Coons and Persians — and a whippy, ridiculously fat-free tail, frequently stuck on a Buddha-butt because Meezers also tend to be “easy keepers”. And the professionals insist it *never* happens in *their* lines any more, but shelter cats with Oriental-type ancestors still show up with a bent vertebrae near the end of their tails and a tendency towards crossed eyes, especially when they’re happy purring & kneading.

Have you been able to, uh, identify the genders of the Snotzis yet? Theoretically Szarry would hate girl-kittehs a little less than boy-kittehs, but in my own experience cats are more territorial and/or less chivalrous than dogs & the Established Inhabitant will resent Encroachment by either sex.

I would be honored to kick in a little sumpin towards getting the little guys vetted & innoculated, not to mention fixed. These days, the vets have decided it’s safe to spay/neuter kittens once they’ve reached 3 pounds, usually when they’re between 8 and 12 weeks old, and it will save both you & them all manners of aggravation if you get that out of the way before they hit puberty…


Gundamhead, don’t feel guilty… cat fur, especially their wooly underfur, FELTS very efficiently. If you can run a comb or a soft brush through your girl’s fur, even just for a few strokes at a time, that will help a bit. And some cats who won’t let you near them with a brush will let you “pet” them with a rubber-tipped brush or glove — you can buy a fancy patent model at the pet boutique or just use the smallest rubber “curry comb” from the feed store.

(General housekeeping tip: These rubber-fingered ‘Zoom Groom’ jobbers are also the best tool for removing pet hair from upholstery, carpets, & your good wool suit.)

But most long-haired cats, especially as they get older, are just going to form those horrible bubble-gum mats to some degree, and all you can do is be careful not to cut their skin when you shave the ugly lumps out. Professional Persian breeders frequently shave their cats to the skin once a year or so — that’s where the ICANHASCHEEZBURGER folks get their nekkid lolcat photos from!


I’m a dog person but I did like my sister’s cat, Mr. Pye. Mr. Pye was inordinately fond of water. He enjoyed sitting on the edge of the sink and watching water flow from the tap. He enjoyed stopping the flow with his paw. He enjoyed dropping the plug in the drain and pulling it out to watch the water flow out. He enjoyed sitting on the edge of the tub when you had your bath. He enjoyed watching the arc of men’s pee.

We took him to the ocean and he freaked. Not in a good way. We should have known better.

He was orange and tabby and the sweetest little guy.

I had a kitten once. I named her Constance and she slept under the ear of my basset hound, Beatrice. That’s pretty adorable.

So yeah, cats are neat, but I still like dogs better.

Arky - Cthulusexual

I just “pluck” the howling cat beast. Neither cat ever learned to clean properly (another problem caused by taking them from mom too soon), but for some reason his fur will felt and knot really quickly. If I catch the clumps when they’re small I can tease them apart or just pull them right off. I’ve only had to use scissors once.

He doesn’t mind if I do it quickly but he doesn’t mind a lot of things, including baths. Nail clipping, OTOH is a bloody business (for me).

Because you stepped up to the kittyness.

Mehitabel the Abyssinian

Szarry looks like he may have some Siamese ancestors, HTML… he has the “almond” shaped eyes & the triangular head, as well as being talkative.
Is rushun blu. i hz rushun blu frends.


Best available picture of my room-mate. Cheap, free, digital camera, worth evey penny it didn’t cost me.


This is Binkley getting violent.
He’s such an awesome cat. Vocal, smart, and loving, to me (no one else is necessary in his mind).


Binkley looks like Brak in that top shot.


He likes to wrestle by having me grab his head so he can really wrap around my arm with his paws, so he flattens his ears before launching an assault.

Johnny Coelacanth

I don’t know these people, but they seem to know an awful lot about Atlass Pam.

Pamela Oshry is a Giant Ant that has Tough Leathery Skin, and lives beneath New York.

But this is not how I visualized Sadly, No!

Sadly, No! is a Giant Ape that has Tough Leathery Skin, a Computer for a Brain and a Single Giant Eye, and is Blind and Covered in Spines.

See, I would never have guessed the spines spines part.


Russian Blues are talkers, Mehitabel? Kewl! American breeders produce RBs that are assemblages of perfect circles, round eyes, round heads, round cats with round paws, but I haven’t met any in circumstances where I could judge their vocal abilities.

We badly want another raspy-voiced mao-cat around here, but apart from the two honorary-cats (Papillons) we already co-exist with 14-year-old Toby, 8-year-old Fat Maddy, and the 9(thousand)-year-old Demon Kishkan. All “rescues”, except that Toby was the wrong half of a buy-one-get-one deal (her adorable littermate died last year), Maddy was an impulse adoption (and hates me, but not my partner), and Demon Kishkan was supposed to be a temporary boarder, six years ago. I love them all dearly, but it’s like the old Russian joke: They must be family, cuz you gets to pick your OWN friends.

Johnny Coelacanth

Oh, this just in: Jonah Goldberg is a Giant Moth that leaves a Trail of Goo, moves at Great Speed, Screeches when Angry, and is Susceptible to Electrical Damage.

That “moves at great speed” part is probably a translation error.

In other news, Michelle Malkin is a Tiny Moth that fires Rockets, and has four Extra Limbs and a Swirly Hypnotic Gaze.

Sounds right to me.


You had me at “Gavin, Don’t Eat It!” and then you kitten-blogged! AAARGHhhhh! Kittens! You will accept nothing less than abject subjection to your Sadly No! agenda with improved kittens! You have no respect for Brainfree Blogging! If you encounter illogical views you WILL point out irrational disconnects. And then you will employ kitten images to distract us from the egregiousness of applying reason to claims of supernatural intervention.

It’s all about the conspiracy.



Hey, if I didn’t say it, someone else was bound to. Don’t hate me because you’re a hippie. Take a shower instead! You don’t have to gay it up like Gavin does. Just take a freakin’ bath! It’s not rocket science.

See you in a week or so, my smelly hippie friends.

Mehitabel the Abyssinian

Russian Blues are talkers, Mehitabel?
Conversational. Not the full-on breaking-bedspring Brawwnnggglll noises that Siamese emit, but they seem to have a fair bit to say.

Mehitabel the Abyssinian is a Giant Blob that spins Vast Webs, rides around in a Metal Tripod, has an Extra Head and Huge, Sharp Claws, and carries a Flamethrower.

Incontinentia Buttocks

Let me second glorified jughound’s suggestion of the Slavoj Zizek essay in TLRB. It’s available here. Zizek is largely arguing against the kind of postmodern leftism represented by Simon Critchley, who argues (in Infinitely Demanding) that the left should essentially renounce the desire for state power and instead lob admittedly impossible demands at the liberal democratic state in order to expose the state’s limits. Zizek argues that such a left ends up accomplishing nothing and having a kind of symbiotic relationship to the state it’s supposedly resisting.

Here’s Zizek’s nut ‘graph:

The lesson here is that the truly subversive thing is not to insist on ‘infinite’ demands we know those in power cannot fulfil. Since they know that we know it, such an ‘infinitely demanding’ attitude presents no problem for those in power: ‘So wonderful that, with your critical demands, you remind us what kind of world we would all like to live in. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, where we have to make do with what is possible.’ The thing to do is, on the contrary, to bombard those in power with strategically well-selected, precise, finite demands, which can’t be met with the same excuse.

Sounds pretty pragmatic, level-headed, and reasonable.

Then again, when the Lacanians are the ones who sound pragmatic, level-headed, and reasonable, you know you’re in trouble!


“See you in a week or so, my smelly hippie friends.”

You’ll be back in an day and you know it. It’s totally natural to want to hang out with the cool kids, nothing to be ashamed about.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I love left-hand kitler’s expression of affront and outrage. “Are you questioning my orders, Major?!”
[Inserts monacle. Slaps baton against thigh.]

Stinky Wizzleteats



Those are some adorable fuckin kittens, HTML. Perfect for huffing. (I think the Kitler is un-Kitler enough that huffing might be safe.)

No-pets policies are some dumb shit. I has a run-in with those recently. Friend of mine lost his kitten inside the walls of his no=pets-allowed house. Couldn’t call the landlord so we spent ~10 hours trying to get the kitten out til we finally got our hands on a jigsaw and just cut a hole in the place.

And because someone has to say it:
i can has more kitteh pix plz?

Stinky Wizzleteats

And can I just say the auto-spellcheck takes some of the fun out of drunken posting?


Oh good Lord. Kitty pictures? What, next, S,N!, puppy photos? Well? I’ll be waiting.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

Seriously, just the other day I was asking myself “what ever happened to Seb. That German Coast Guard bit was a riot.”


Stalin kicked my ass!

Stalin is a Giant Lizard that spits Jets of Water, carries a Flamethrower, and is Cold-Blooded.

Snorghagen is a Giant Man-Eating Plant that emits Clouds of Inky Smoke, is Just Trying to Get Home, and is Extremely Hydrophobic. – which, surprisingly enough, is quite accurate.

By the way, Glorfied Jughound’s cat Lewis seems to be gazing into the spirit world.


I actually read this whole thread and it had me smiling and peeping all the links of you guys’ cats.

It’s gotta be the off-the-charts cuteness of the kitlers that caused this odd behavior in me.

I have no children, no pets, no potted plants. No living thing is ever to be permitted to depend upon me for it’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

But I think I do feel the love…


Catherine the Himalayan

(because someone has to say it…)

I just wish HTML would quit obsessing about his pet causes.

On that note, when will we finally see a Final Solution to the Dog Problem? My house is infested with a beagle and a labrador. No matter how disdainfully I treat my servants, they refuse to evict these mangy mongrels.


Rope. Tree. Catblogger.


We just acquired a used cat, who at age 8 was in need of the kindness of strangers. Can’t understand why they let her go, no bad habits, waits until the alarm goes off before purring you awake, and has a whole vocabulary of very anthropomorphic purr-talking. Plays like a maniac too, and is currently in my lap and forcing me into one-handed typing. She wants to go outside though, which can’t happen here; every cat I’ve known here is eaten by a coyote or run over within 18 months. Seeing someone’s pet get taken by a coyote is something I wish I could get out of my head, and I’m not letting this sweetie outside to that fate; it’s a big house and she’s got lots of space here so she’ll have to get over it.


My grandparents had some friends whose little dog was picked up by a hawk of some sort.

It really is horrible.


stringonastick: Good for you. There are currently 4 cats residing in my household, and they loll around the windows and doors hoping to go outside and chase birds and chipmunks. They will remain indoors for teh rest of their natural lives, as the last kitty-cat that got let out the door enjoyed a wild free romp through the yard until, reckless with abandon, she decided to climb the fence into the next-door neighbor’s yard and was promptly killed by their boxer. Two others before that were allowed to go outside, and one after the other disappeared. The kitties will get over it. Keeping those little pots of cat grass inside helps.


“You’ll be back in an day and you know it. It’s totally natural to want to hang out with the cool kids, nothing to be ashamed about.”

Hah! You were right! Dang, I hate it when hippies are right :(.

glorified jughound

OK, since you asked.

This is Henry.


Waving at HTML and his cute kitties from Cordova 🙂 Wanna get a beer sometime?

Herr Doktor Bimler

As well as the four resident felines — Mehitabel and her beta-, gamma- and delta-cat lackeys — we have a shifting population of foster-kittens. These are abandoned ones, rescued by the SPCA [Animal Shelter in NZ]; we look after them until they are well-socialised and at the age of Peak Cuteness, then send them back to the SPCA where they act cute and earn themselves a permanent home. By then a fresh family of abbandonati have usually turned up so the cycle never ends, and the noses of the resident cats are perpetually out of joint.

The current foster-family consists of three kittens and their mother, and also the mother’s sister. If she can get me to sit down, Cat Aunty attacks my head. It starts out as affection — standing up with front paws on my shoulders so she can nuzzle up against hair — but she works herself into a frenzy on my masculine pheromones, and nuzzling turns to pawing, and the next thing I know, she has her forelegs wrapped around my neck and she is biting at my scalp.



Herr Doktor Bimler: I too was once a foster kitty mom. I did volunteer work at one of the local shelters and took in an abandoned mom and her three kittens one spring when the place was overrun with newborns. Handfed these three-week-old babies and weighed them weekly until they attained adoptable-status weight. I wanted to keep the mom, knowing that as an adult she had little chance for adoption (unlike the ADORABLE kittens), but she freaked so badly whenever one of the house dogs or cats peeked inside the kitten room I was afraid it wouldn’t be a good idea. My son, who had just moved in with a new roomate who had 2 cats already, adopted one of the kittens. I had to take the remaining two and the mom back to the shelter of course and sat and bawled like a baby when I had to give them back up. Thus I failed as a foster-pet mom.

Ironically, my son has now moved back home (temporarily, he sez) and brought his adopted cat plus his ex-roommate’s abandoned 2 cats with him.


[blockquote] Szarry looks like he may have some Siamese ancestors, HTML… he has the “almond” shaped eyes & the triangular head, as well as being talkative. Especially if his voice is raspy & loud out of proportion to his size. Other Meezer genetic “tells” include a sparse or missing undercoat — breeders refer to a “silk satin” coat because the proper well-born Siamese has unusually fine-textured silky guard hairs and almost none of the wooly undercoat that mats up heinously in Maine Coons and Persians — and a whippy, ridiculously fat-free tail, frequently stuck on a Buddha-butt because Meezers also tend to be “easy keepers”. And the professionals insist it *never* happens in *their* lines any more, but shelter cats with Oriental-type ancestors still show up with a bent vertebrae near the end of their tails and a tendency towards crossed eyes, especially when they’re happy purring & kneading. [/blockquote]

Anne Laurie — there’s a lot in your comments and others here that have obliged me to look some things up (it turns out that Yoda was a near perfect Balinese).

First, you’re spot-on about Szarry. He is the most talkative cat I’ve ever had, as well as the most “kneady”. He has a crick in his tail. About the only attribute he doesn’t have is the crossed-eyes.

He’s also the *hugest* cat I’ve ever had. I mean in structure: he’s extremely robust, especially through the legs and paws. He’s also almost too social. He’s an outdoors cat, as I prefer all mine to be. Every time I walk out the door, he is directly underfoot, talking to me.

I appreciate the offer to help with the Snotzis, but I think I have them given away. If they were older, I’d like to keep the Kitler one, but Szarry doesn’t like them and I don’t want any (permanently) indoor cats right now.

Dee Loralei — I have to be ambiguous about where I live thanks to the stalking Tick-Tack types, but I’m a ways from Memphis now and don’t get back there much. If that changes, however, then sure, I’d love to. My email’s in the contact form.


Sure, cute now but just wait until they try to annex the Purrdetanland.


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