Pretty much the awesomest ad I’ve ever seen

This Tancredo ad is the funniest I’ve seen yet in still-young ’08 presidential campaign:

Playing that cheesy explosion sound at the end while flashing the caption “Tancredo… before it’s too late” gave me, like, 20 straight seconds of ensuing laughter.

I still think Santorum’s ads from the ’06 midterm campaign are marginally funnier, though:


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Raymondo Magnifico

The Tancredo ad would be better if it went to a “24”-style ticking clock. And if he shot someone in the knee.


I think it would be better if Tancredo took a bunch of ‘roids, ripped off his shirt and began speaking in a heavy Austrian accent about terminating terrorism.

Hell, it worked for the current gov of California…


Did he say “spineless politicians” or “Spanglish politicians”?

I agree. This officially catapults Election 2008 from boring to hilarious. And we still have a year to go!


Well, who wouldn’t want to emulate the Santorum ad, seeing how well it worked for him!


Wait, Islamofascist terrorists are freely wandering about the shopping malls of the United States? Call me crazy, but doesn’t this assertion entirely repudiate everything Bush Co. has done vis a vis “protecting the homeland” since 9/11?


Edit: I also love how teh Islamonazi in the ad was wearing jeans and a hoodie. Why they look just like ME!


This would be funnier if it wasn’t exactly what millions of people believe wholeheartedly.


mark said:

Well, who wouldn’t want to emulate the Santorum ad, seeing how well it worked for him!

Actually, I’m beginning to regret taking a chance on Blue Dog Casey.


the “JOSE HORTON” ad


Vote for me or you’re all going to DIE!!!.


Vote for me or more brown people will win the AL Cy Young award!!

Incontinentia Buttocks

Tancredo needs a new Foley artist! That bomb sounds as if it would barely have damaged the bench.

The ad would have been even funnier with a more nuclear-sounding blast!


I soiled my bloomers watching that.

I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Aside from being completely sexist and racist, you are also acting like a bunch of ostriches.

Don’t come crying to me for legal representation when a terrorist’s bomb blows off your foot!

glorified jughound

Open borders. What does this mean?

Every time I’ve crossed your border I’ve been stopped, questioned and searched and I’m just a dorky middle-aged white guy. So what’s he advocating? Just turn everyone away? Ban all hoodies and backpacks NOW!!?

Or is he just desperately throwing mindless fear out over the airwaves with the hope of increasing his voteshare from 4.5 to 5.2%?


Tancredo is the only politician with Credo in his name.

That means he stands for something.


I have asked again and again for you to delete all comments using my sacred name.

People could go to the 20th page of a Google search for my name and think that I’m a simpering twit. Which I totally am not.

If you don’t take down all comments that claim they are me, there will be consequences!


Oh, Jeebus!

I think Althouse is threatening to vlog again!



This is the greatest of all time.

Also, I think this one cost Kerry the election.


Arky Horse Whipper of Cthulu

Incontinentia Buttocks said,

November 14, 2007 at 0:03

Tancredo needs a new Foley artist!

Eh? What does stalking underage boys have to do…?

Ooooh! Right.


I agree. TanCretin probably does need his catheter changed.


Cur said:
This is the greatest of all time.

I was just going to post this little Vernon Robinson gem

But you topped me. Damn you.

Damn you.

glorified jughound

Maybe an ad with some worthless tub-of-lard sitting on a barstool at two in the afternoon bitching about illegals taking American jobs would further help make Tancredo’s point.


But his credo is a tan (swarthy, brown) credo.

By the way, no incumbent congressperson has been nominated by either of the monopoly parties in living memory. And every president except Hoover, Eisenhower & the Roosevelts has been strictly of English, Scotch & occasionally Irish extraction. Hoover & Ike had some Kraut (Hoover’s being Swiss-German) in them, the two Roosevelts some Frog & Dutch, mitigated by their continental ancestors moving to Great Britain in the 17th century or something.

So Tancredo has less than no chance.


I just saw a truly awful ad for Fred Thompson, with ol’ Fred himself going on about how “Ah’ve been a cuhnsuhvative all mah life . . .” , and bragging about setting up the first Young Republicans cult in his little home town. Nauseating stuff. I don’t have time to find the link,. It’s the first Fred ad I’ve seen in Iowa.


I’ll volunteer to be the worthless tub-of-lard on the barstool. But by two in the afternoon I’m “taking my nap.’ Better make it about ten a. m.

“Twenny millyun hic gawd-dam allens takin’ our janitor jobs! urp Gaw dammit I sez kick ’em hic out now!” [Tumbles off barstool.]

How’s that? Do I have the part?


Most frightening part of the whole item: “still-young ‘08 presidential campaign”

The words “still-young,” specifically.


You’re right. That’s incredibly funny! What, did they get the writers from old-school SNL to do that ad? I swear, it’s just like something from the second cast era.


Oh, this is good. The horse-race announcers like tweety and russert are totally in the game. They keep intoning that Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are all still completely in play, no matter what the national polls say, and all these guys gotta do to catch the nominal “frontrunners” (Hillary and Rudy) is go NUCLEAR on their asses.

They keep encouraging the third tier to more an more outrageous performace art for the benefit of the “red meat base” and there is NO telling what these assholes will say in the next couple months.

Once we get into february, we’ll have our nominees (at least the dems will) and things will calm down for a while before they get truly stupid next summer.

I, for one, cannot wait…



Islamic terrorists now freely roam U.S. soil, Jihadists who froth with hate here to do as they have in London, Spain, Russia.

Yeah, and who’s fucking fault is that? Who’s had the majority in Congress for the last five years? As Bill Maher might say, blow me.

BTW, if your Jihadist is frothing with hate, you should lower the temperature a little bit so it doesn’t boil over.


mikey pegs it. I wonder how many delegates to the Republican convention will get caught w/ a “wide stance.” Someone should be making friends w/ the escort services, etc., in Minneapolis & really bust some of these bozos in the act.

glorified jughound

How’s that? Do I have the part?

Thank you very much, M. Bouffant, but we’re still waiting for Mr. Campbell to audition before we make a final decision. Can we reach you at this number?


How’d all those jihadists get into Mexico in the first place? Guess that makes it Mexico’s fault, just as everything else is their fault.


Otis sho’ nuff got more lard in his tub than I do.


As per Monsieur Bouffant;

Four sex assault cases filed against Balfour in 2005 were still unresolved last fall when he threw his support – and the free services of his two media consulting companies – to Republican district attorney candidate Lohra Miller.

He is charged with three second-degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse and one count of attempted forcible sexual abuse, a third-degree felony

The hits, they just keep coming…

Smiling Mortician

I heard that Thompson ad on NPR this afternoon, Candy — as part of a story on how “conservative values voters” are lining up behind their candidates. It’s delicious to observe the goppy infighting — Giuliani gets Robertson’s nod, Thompson gets right-to-life’s, Romney gets moral majority or focus on the family or whatever the fuck, and poor McCain gets the crumbs from Brownback’s table. Meanwhile the right-to-life guy endorsing Thompson is painting Giuliani as “liberal” ’cause he doesn’t love the womb babies. Delicious, I tells ya!


A veritable Clarence Thomas.

Balfour, 53, of South Jordan, is the founder of the Utah Republican Black Assembly.

And, he was using the old casting couch move. Love the classics.


Here’s what bugs me sometimes about these bombs exploding on TV… The worst terrorist act with a bomb on U.S. soil: Tim McVeigh. How do we keep those guys out of the country, Credster?


Yes, Mortician, it’s positively delightful, redolent and lush with wingnutty goodness.

I have to say that sometimes living in Iowa is a joy. We get to see these loonies up close and personal. In our living rooms even!


Chyron on Countdown in reference to the Tancredo ad: “GOP Your Pants.”

Heh. Indeed.


That Tancredo ad is pretty bad, but just not so bad it’s good. And although Casey is a Blue Dog, he is still better than Santorum. Not as interestingly dressed, but still better. Don’t get me wrong – I’m steamed as hell at the Blue Dogs, but there are worse things.

I did want to note that there is a more likely reason why we should fear backpacks.


the “cheesy explosion” is the sound of Tancredo bombing. (This must be stored for post-election mockery.)

P.S. His nasally voice is deevine.


i could watch this ad 1,000,000 times and still poop my pants with da funnies every time i see it


The best part of the Tommy T. ad, hands down, is getting the guy who does the voiceovers for the tasty treat that is the TV show “Cheaters” to voice this ad.


I’m pretty sure it’s the ‘Khalil Horton’ tactic. ‘Jose’ was in the first cut but ‘Khalil’ focus-grouped as scarier.

Am I the only one wondering when the roundup of disaffected rural white males who washed out of the military will begin, after Tancredo is sworn in?

Because we should in theory be able to identify and locate the next Tim McVeigh without disrupting the tomato harvest.


So relieved that I’m not the only one that busted into laughter — this was so bad I thought it was a campy video to *mock* Tancrazydo.


This guy has got a huge dildo stuck in his ass.

That Sounded Like A Wet Free Daily Content!




Jahizus Khriyst, that is unbelievable.
Is there a bottom to shamelessness, and if there is, can I fuck it?


These ads look like they were designed by Jerry Bruckheimer’s striking editing studio.


“beyond the 20 million aliens who come to steal our jobs”

Strong words coming from someone who’s American-born pedigree runs back all of 1 generation. If people like Tancredo were running the country 100 years ago, Tancredo himself wouldn’t be here today.


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