Now they tell us!

The American Spectator (TAS,) July 16, 2004:

Democrats think they’ve come a long way, but sexism remains institutionalized in their ranks. Hillary, as a woman, didn’t stand a chance to get on this year’s ticket. [Emphasis added]

TAS, July 1, 2004:

There was no indication of who the “surprise” candidate was. “It could be Hillary. It’s assumed that she has been vetted on a separate track from the others. At least that’s the talk. No one here knows for sure,” says the source.

TAS, February 17, 2004:

“If Bill wants Hillary on the bottom of the ticket, all he has to do is make a few phone calls — Kerry would have little to say in the matter if it got that far,” says a DNC fundraiser. “Kerry may think he’s going to be running things, but he’s in for a rude awakening.”

Please also see: Stop Hillary PAC.


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Geraldine Ferraro, anyone? If there’s any negative about Hillary among Democrats, it sure isn’t that she’s a woman. The wingnuts are so anti-Clintons that they’re going back to history books to try and get Dewitt Clinton scrubbed from them.




Dear Sadly, No! Enterprises,

It’s Friday, you know. Do you no longer feel comfortable flashing us?


Here’s my theory: Hillary is letting all this talk about her running for prez or veep go on (except for all those times that she said she wouldn’t run) just to throw people off. They’re really waiting for Chelsea to come up and destroy everyone else so that she can rulle the world.


For months the rightwing has been pushing the idea that Hillary would be the Presidential candidate, then the Vice Presedential candidate, all with the same degree of credibility as David Bossie’s Arkansas conspiracies. Now that they’ve been shown to be 100% full of crap, they blame it on Democratic sexism! Priceless. When did Al Gore stop beating his wife?


When did Al Gore stop beating his wife?

And why does he keep lying about it?


I don’t know why they’re so obsessed with Hillary. We certainly aren’t.

Hey rethugs- get over it!


I thought that the running conspiracy theory was that the Clintons want to see Bush re-elected in November so they can set up Hillary to run for President in 2008 after this country is flushed even farther down the toilet than it is now.


Trish, that’s indeed what, frex, Kathleen Parker was saying, back when she was asserting that Kerry was consulting mediums and voodoo queens (and Safire was once again channelling dead politician, at the time), but you know the Party: We have always been at war with East-uh, Eurasia!


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