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Our good friend mortal enemy Pete M. at the Dark Window has found himself a new girl:

A quick trip over to Bush Country reveals that the terrorists hate us because of our gays! The ever informative Tamara Wilhite has written a new column explaining why terrorists want to kill us. At least I think that’s what it’s about. It gets a little confusing. And fast. Anyway, here’s Tammy.

The entire (and scary) post has more.


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I’m confused. If they hate us because of our gays, then shouldn’t we be supporting our gays?


If Bush were serious about defeating terror he would execute all gay people and fornicators. Oh, that wasn’t her message?


Government Mandated Free Love! Here’s one undecided voter who just made up his mind.


Oh, that’s it! Pete is in deep sneakers with me now. I could understand panting after s.z., but paying attention to a trollop like Wilhite? Hmph. (Thanks for the link, S,N!)


Pete is in deep sneakers with me now.

Please don’t be mad, Reba. I was thinking of you the whole time I was reading her article. Honest!


Their real reason is that we refuse to roll over and cry Mullah.

I’ll be happy to roll over and cry Mullah! if it would make those darned terra-ists just leave us alone.

It might wake up the cat though. Have to think this through.


I was thinking of you the whole time I was reading her article. Honest!

Now THAT is scary. I suppose I deserved it, though. I forgot to be submissive to the man…obviously I need more religious instruction.


I had the same reaction, NTodd. What other point could she have been trying to make?


Wow, what a dumbass. Aside from all the other idiocy there, I particularly enjoy the way she suggests that in order to stop terrorism, we should be MORE LIKE THEM and that the way to do this is to become fundy Christians, essentially equalting Xians with Islamic terrorists.

Nice job lady!

Janet Jackson's Hidden Boob

Too bad the whole secession issue had to be marred with the black brush (no pun intended) wielded by pro-slavers. I’d really like to move out of the America Tamara Wilhite, Santorum and Bush live in. I mean, I still like America and all, I just don’t want to have to live with Christians anymore. They’re too stupid to tolerate.


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