You got a permit for that camera?

Alan sends us a link to this story published in The Stranger:

In late April, Ian Spiers–a 37-year-old photography student at Shoreline Community College–took advantage of a sunny spring day, and headed to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, better known as the Ballard Locks. He wanted to get a picture of the old railroad bridge that spans the ship canal. After realizing he’d made an amateur mistake–there was no film in his camera–he headed home, to his Ballard apartment.

Not long after he got home, two Seattle police officers knocked on his door to ask him what he’d been up to. Spiers asked if he’d done anything wrong, and the police said no–but they’d received a call that Spiers’ picture-snapping behavior seemed “suspicious.” The cops asked for his ID, so they could run a background check. Finding nothing, they left Spiers’ apartment. “I thought it was a hilarious little misunderstanding,” Spiers says.

Spiers set up a web site here, with links to the police report and a statement.


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